The Best Staffing Website Leverage Targeting Technology: Remarketing

Would you be able to upgrade or overhaul your staffing website in 2019?

Smart move.

A killer website is critical to winning (and retaining) business and talent in the staffing industry. But even the most beautiful, modern, well-written site will only drive sales and qualified applications if it keeps people coming back again and again.

Remarketing can help you generate repeat visits – and increase conversions.

Remarketing uses targeting technology that allows you to cost-effectively stay at the forefront of your previous visitors’ minds.

How does remarketing work?

Have you ever visited a website for a car manufacturer? And then, all of a sudden, you keep seeing that same car you were checking out everywhere you look online? That’s remarketing! Essentially, remarketing uses technology to tag visitors to your site and then serve targeted ads wherever they go on the internet.

This form of advertising is the most cost-effective marketing tactic in the staffing industry. You can stay top-of-mind with previous website visitors for less than one penny per ad impression (on average).

Three remarketing campaigns to leverage:

Want to give it a try? Here are three proven ways to drive more targeted traffic back to your website – so you can generate and fill more orders:

  1. Remarket to all site visitors. Invest in a general remarketing campaign that would appeal to all site visitors (candidates or employers) to help convey your brand and key differentiators. At a minimum, a public remarketing campaign is vital to help increase brand awareness and keep you top-of-mind.
  2. Remarket to employers/prospects. You can expand your marketing to include a campaign that offers tailored messages to appeal to employers who have viewed your employer-focused pages on the website. This technology allows you to drill down and show focused ads based on the page a visitor views. Could you highlight your employment services, types of positions you recruit for, or competencies that set you apart in the market? If a prospect explores your employer pages to learn more about your service, you can deliver ads that reinforce the information they explored.
  3. Remarket to job board visitors. Launch a remarketing campaign delivering focused messaging that appeals to today’s job candidates. Have the campaign target individuals who have explored your website’s job board or candidate sections. Returning candidates are 2x more likely to apply for a job than first-time visitors, so structure your messaging to align with the reasons candidates should work with you (what do you offer?) and the reasons they look for a new job (Do they hate their boss? Makes their current pay stink?).

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Increase your reach. Stay top-of-mind.

Remarketing campaigns are incredibly cost-effective and highly automated to ensure employers and job seekers remember your agency and how you can help. Whether you’re developing a new website in 2019 or just launched a site, adding remarketing to your website will help you stay top-of-mind, reinforce branding and drive conversions.

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