Right now, staying visible is critical for your staffing firm.

With so many of us forced to work remotely, account managers and recruiters alike are getting creative: adapting their business practices and adopting new digital tools like video to thrive in this economy.

Some firms have stepped up to the plate quickly, moving their training and onboarding programs to video, for example. Training videos provide a no-contact method of helping new employees ramp up or prepare for jobs that won’t go active until social distancing recommendations are removed. 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Across the country, agencies are using the technology to (virtually) stay in front of employers, job seekers, and internal employees:

  • Connecting with prospects: using GoToMeeting or FreeConferenceCall to touch base and learn more about how the pandemic is impacting an employer’s business.
  • Conducting candidate interviews: using Zoom, Skype or FaceTime and safely chat with top prospects from afar. 
  • Holding team meetings: using Microsoft Teams or WebEx to keep employees motivated and engaged. 

Whether you’re a video vet or new to getting on camera, here are three smart ways to add video to your marketing for staffing:

Video Job Postings

Add video to your job ads and share them on social media. Promote hot jobs with professional, fully branded videos that you email out to candidates. Then, add the posts to social media. Video is the fastest-growing type of content on social media. Why not show candidates what the work environment is like while maintaining safe social distance?

Video Introductions

Your sales team is probably accustomed to working with clients face-to-face. No sense putting those engaging personalities to waste! Video NOW makes it simple to add a link to an introductory email.  In just a few moments, a sales professional or recruiter can give an authentic greeting and show what you have to offer in a sincere, engaging personal way.

Video Testimonials

What better way to prove your value to potential employers and job seekers than by showing them what past and current clients and candidates think? Willing participants can create a brief video discussing their experience working with your firm. Viewers can see their sincere, unscripted feedback – which is much more authentic than typical online reviews.  

Add Video to Your Marketing Mix

While social distancing continues (and beyond), video will remain an essential tool to help your staffing firm stay visible and top of mind with clients and candidates.