Candidate Sourcing with SmartSearch

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Create The Best Candidate Pool with SmartSearch

SmartSearch empowers recruiters in hiring managers with the ability to easily source new candidates within the SmartSearch platform.  With easy skill-based and location centered matching it is easier than ever to find the right candidate for the right job.  If you’d like to see these functions first hand, Schedule a live demo of SmartSearch. 

Grow Your Talent Pool Fast 

SmartSearch’s candidate sourcing tools and integrations allow user to work with sophisticated algorithms and AI auto-match to search through multiple databases, job boards, social media platforms, and other online sources.  This enables recruiters to tap into a larger and more diverse talent pool, giving them access to candidates who may not have applied directly with their company.

Candidate Sourcing Tools by SmartSearch

Efficient Keyword Search

SmartSearch empowers users with their own customizable data fields.  Use advanced keyword search techniques to match job requirements with candidate profiles.  Recruiters can input specific skills, qualifications, experience levels, and other criteria, allowing the tool to identify candidates that best fit the requirements of the role.

Data Analytics and Insights

SmartSearch’s advanced sourcing tools provide valuable data and analytics about candidate sourcing strategies. Recruiters and HR professionals can use this information to refine their approach, optimize job postings, focus on the most effective candidate channels, and remove unconscious bias from their hiring process.

Create Candidate Screening Questions with SmartSearch

SmartSearch’s vendor-agnostic approach allows our developers to connect SmartSearch with your preferred software solutions. Click here for more information

Reduce Time-To-Fill & Improve Candidate Quality with SmartSearch

With our top search capabilities and candidate sourcing tools, SmartSearch users can identify a candidates specific skills and experiences that can be challenging when employing only traditional sourcing methods.  This can improve the quality of your candidate pipeline on day one.


For over 35 years, SmartSearch has provided software solutions that help recruiters make better candidate selection and hiring decisions.  Our team is here to help you hire smarter with the best software solutions available.