Hiring Manager Portal

SmartSearch's hiring manager portal offers several features and functionalities that can help recruiters and hiring managers hire smarter.

Easy & Efficient Collaboration For All Hiring Managers

The SmartSearch Hiring Manager Portal is a cost-free, value-added feature that enables your hiring managers to increase collaboration and productivity.  Human Resources may choose which functions to activate for the hiring managers’ specific recruiting and talent management preferences. System administrators can control the access level of the hiring manager through functional access rights.  If you’d like to see the hiring manager portal first hand, click here. 

Centralized Candidate Management

The hiring manager portal provides a centralized platform to manage all candidate data, including resumes, applications, and interview feedback. This allows recruiters and hiring managers to easily access and review candidate information, ensuring they have a comprehensive view of each applicant.

Hire Smarter with SmartSearch's Hiring Manager Portal
Share interview between Hiring Managers and Recruiters with SmartSearch's Hiring Manager Portal

Collaboration and Communication. 

The collaboration features available in the hiring manager portal facilitates communication between recruiters and hiring managers.  Using this feature, team members can share candidate profiles, exchange feedback, and discuss applicant qualifications within the portal, streamlining the decision-making process.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

The portal offers both hiring managers and recruiters reporting and analytics functionalities that help keep track of the hiring process. Recruiters and hiring managers can generate reports on key metrics such as time-to-fill, source effectiveness, cost-to-hire, and candidate pipeline status. These insights help them identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, and optimize internal processes. 


Assess skills of current candidates with SmartSearch

By leveraging the features and capabilities of the hiring manager portal, recruiters and hiring managers can streamline their workflows, improve candidate selection, and make more informed hiring decisions. For full demo of these features, click here


For over 35 years, SmartSearch has provided software solutions that help recruiters make better candidate selection and hiring decisions.  Our team is here to help you hire smarter with the best software solutions available.