SmartTraks Automation For Staffing

Automate How You Find, Track, Onboard, & Retain Talent

Build Effective Automation With A Smart System

In the fast-paced and competitive landscape of modern business, recruiting and retaining top-tier talent can make or break an organization’s success.  One standout solution that have been revolutionizing the way SmartSearch users operate is the automation provided by our SmartTraks capabilities.  This cutting-edge automation engine empowers recruiters to find, track, onboard, and retain talent seamlessly, ultimately leading to a stronger, more productive workforce.  Schedule a live demo of SmartSearch. 

Create Automation That’s Right For You 

With SmartTraks, you can create customized workflows for any part of the hiring process that is unique to the type of role or company that you are hiring for. With Smart Traks, you can build your workflow with as many steps or automation as needed. As you gain more insights, you can easily make adjustments to your Traks or duplicate and update new workflows as your business needs demand.

SmartSearch offers easy to implement automation for every part of the hiring process
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Integrate SmartTraks With Your Tech Stack

The automation offered by SmartTraks are not only limited to functions in the SmartSearch system.  You can build custom integrations with other third party software including background checks, skills testing, drug testing, or other software solutions that you use to hire and onboard new candidates.  SmartSearch facilitates a smooth transition by providing a centralized platform for all data and documents.  This expedites the administrative aspects of sourcing and hiring candidates and enhances the candidate’s sense of security with your company.  Learn More

Data-Driven Decision Making

Automation isn’t just about saving time; it’s also about making smarter decisions.  SmartTraks by SmartSearch provides recruiters and hiring managers with powerful analytics and reporting tools.  By analyzing data on sourcing channels, candidate engagement, and time-to-hire, you can fine-tune the strategies to optimize how your organization sources and hires the best candidates.  This data-driven approach leads to more informed decision-making and continuous improvement in your recruitment workflow.  

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Create A Personalized Candidate Experience with SmartSearch

In a world where candidates have choices, providing a personalized experience can make all the difference. SmartSearch’s automation tools enable recruiters to tailor their interactions based on candidate preferences and history. This personal touch fosters stronger relationships with candidates, helping to create a positive impression of the organization, even if a particular candidate isn’t ultimately selected for the role. If you are looking to create better brand engagement with candidates, CLICK HERE

Effective Talent Retention

Recruitment doesn’t end with the hire; it’s a continuous cycle that extends to talent retention. The automation capabilities provided by SmartTraks supports ongoing engagement through tools like our HireTrak, OnboardTrak, and RetentionTrak. By proactively addressing employee needs and concerns, organizations can boost job satisfaction and reduce turnover, ultimately saving time and resources in the long run.

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For over 35 years, SmartSearch has provided software solutions that help recruiters make better candidate selection and hiring decisions.  Our team is here to help you hire smarter with the best software solutions available.