Time tracking & payroll processing

Automate your time tracking and payroll processing with SmartSearch.

Record Hours and Process Payroll with SmartSearch

SmartSearch’s All-In-One Talent Management Software helps thousands of recruiting professionals build new business and earn repeat business all with one platform.  With effective applicant tracking, vendor management, e-signature, and onboarding automation SmartSearch is a system built to serve your hiring needs Want to learn more?  Schedule a live demo of SmartSearch. 

Customizable Time Keeping

SmartSearch users can create any number of timesheets to meet the needs of their clients and accounting department.  With configurable settings, your company can easily automate the capture of time cards and calculate billable hours. 

With our customizable timesheets, companies can easily provide their employees with a mobile-friendly portal where they can clock in and out based on company policies. 

SmartSearch Time Keeping Software is Mobile Friendly
SmartSearch allows you to export payroll invoices to your accounting software

Automate Invoicing and Paperless Onboarding

With onboarding software and our built in Smart Sign e-Signature service included in SmartSearch’s complete talent management solution, you can easily collect all employment and payroll information using automated onboarding workflows. 

With one solution, SmartSearch users can automatically collect employment documents, digital signatures from offer letters, employment verification, background checks, and tax forms, then easily export them to other software in the accounting tech-stack. 

Build A Better Accounting Tech Stack with SmartSearch

With SmartSearch’s reporting capabilities, recruiters can track payroll information such as overtime, recruiter commissions, and profit margins in one platform. 

This data is easily exported with any number of system integrations, allowing recruiters and the accounting teams to work hand in hand.

SmartSearch’s open API ensures that users can easily create the HR, billing, and payroll tech stack that meets your unique business needs.   


Connect SmartSearch with your accounting software

SmartSearch’s vendor-agnostic approach allows our developers to connect SmartSearch with your preferred software solutions. Click here for more information


For over 35 years, SmartSearch has provided software solutions that help recruiters make better candidate selection and hiring decisions.  Our team is here to help you hire smarter with the best software solutions available.  

Integrate SmartSearch with your accounting tech stack.