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Data Management Defined

Today, data has become the pinnacle for understanding and improving success.  Data management systems and data management software solutions are designed to give you easy access to your data records and optimize how you and other team members consume that data.  

When building an optimal recruiting and hiring tech stack, data management and data analytics are key pillars for selecting the right software solutions.     

The right data management solution helps hiring professionals to build full visualizations, reports, and data models that can scale to any size they may require.  

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How Do Data Management Solutions Work?

An HR data management solution serves as an efficient way for hiring and recruiting professionals to manage candidate and employee information.  These data gateways are designed to work in tandem with your tracking, communication, payroll, and human resources applications for managing all employment-related data.  

The top data management service providers work to create a proper system of record to preserve the integrity of the information by reducing duplication and overlapping of data ensuring employee records sync reliability with your HR tech stack.  

Effective data management begins with collecting information during the recruiting and staffing process.  The data and documents are pulled from the application and stored correctly in the database, which can be found later with easy-to-use search functions.  

The key to successfully a data management process or any software solution is to ensure that you have a clear overview of the different processes for your business.  This ensures that you can set proper standards for who can handle your data and how they can use it.   

How does a Data Management Solution Aid Corporate Staffing Professionals?

Adding a data solution as an extension of your recruiting and onboarding software is a modern enhancement to improve your candidate and employee experience.  

Professional recruiters use data management solutions to evaluate sales, marketing, and corporate communications business development efforts.  

The most successful recruitment firms use streamlined and intuitive functionality and safety protocols to manage candidate and employee information to expedite activity appropriately.  

By adequately managing this information, companies can properly track and improve document management, e-signing, certifications, and contracting processes, all from a secure system that properly controls access to this information.  

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How Does a Data Management Solution Aid Corporate Recruiters?

Data management programs create a gateway for professional recruiters to manage job postings, submit hours for approval, and review current placements all in one platform.  

With this tracking in place, the entire hiring and onboarding process is visible to approved team members providing the necessary information when evaluating updates and changes to the company’s current approach.     

Robust reporting allows recruiters to generate key metrics to drive business process improvement and deliver the data you need to make better decisions.  

The right data management solution takes this a step further by easily connecting other software to your recruiting tech stack and building an effective system for sharing information.    


What Are the Essential Functions of a Recruiting Data Management Solution?

There are many data management solutions on the market for professional recruiters and corporate human resources professionals, making the selection process time-consuming.  But not all data solutions on the market are designed with these four features that these professionals need, making it easier to choose the right solution.  

Data Security:

Recruiting professionals deal with confidential information, which is why top data management solutions provide several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access. 


From an applicant’s personal information to the data points associated with the ideal candidate to a client’s business information, the right solution will efficiently collect all information providing a fail-safe and secure system to protect proprietary data. 

VPN Database Access:

Dedicated VPN access creates a secure environment for direct access to ad-hoc data capture.  This allows approved employees to retrieve data for custom reporting or export to approved systems. 


There is nothing worse than losing your data and documents.  The right data management solution preserves your data and ensures proper backup to create a fail-safe that preserves your data continually. 

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Which Systems need to Integrate with Your Data Management Solution?

While modern data management systems optimize the collection and reporting of information, they are only as good as the systems they integrate with.  Without the right integrations, system reports can deliver the wrong results.     

To avoid these issues, professionals should consider integrations with the following systems: 

Applicant Tracking Systems:

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software solution built to assist with human resources, recruitment, and hiring needs.  Combining the capabilities of an ATS with Data Management Tools allows recruiters to build easily accessible documents and seek out the data they need.  

CRM & Marketing Automation:

A Customer Relationship Management System is a software solution that manages all the interactions and communications between your company and your customers, potential customers, vendors, partners, and employees.  These systems are designed to help develop, track and automate all communications to nurture relationships properly, which is why the data from these interactions must always be accessible through data management software. 


Payroll software automates the process of managing employee wages and tax deductions.  It is also used for tracking time off and benefits, creating an accessible portal for employees to manage their information.  Integrating payroll software with your ATS optimizes the onboarding process. 


Accounting software is one of the primary pillars of any business’s tech stack, tracking cash flow, purchase orders, budgets, and other financial statements.  Integrating these systems with your Data Management Platform helps automate financial management by properly storing all information and documents in one singular platform. 

VMS Software:

Vendor Management Systems helps organizations manage their relationships with third-party contractors.  These solutions facilitate the contracting and management of these third-party relationships to deliver proper evaluations.  Integrating VMS software with Data Management Solutions helps create a better system for evaluating and tracking the performance of temporary and contract employees. 

HR/Workforce Management:

Human Resources Software is designed to help businesses manage their workforce in a way that is efficient and compliant with business, state, and federal guidelines.  These systems are often designed to streamline the payroll, employee L&D (Learning & Development), and communications which naturally integrate with data management solutions.    


Digital Signature Software or E-Signature Software provides a secure portal for capturing signatures through cryptography, helping verify signatures throughout the document-signing process.  Building this integration with data management software helps store and process data effectively.

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Who Are the Top 3 Global Data Management Solutions for Recruiters?

SmartSearch-Applicant Tracking System


SmartSearch is a complete, agile software solution that brings powerful candidate sourcing and collaboration tools to your talent acquisition efforts.  For over 35 years, SmartSearch has been a global leader in ATS solutions for corporate and independent recruiting professionals combining ATS, CRM, Data Management, VMS, E-Signature, and Onboarding solutions into one platform.  


Salesforce makes it possible to tap into the power of Salesforce to build stronger customer relationships with a combined sales and support CRM that is easy to use, set up, and maintain anywhere, knowing they have the tools they need to collaborate and stay connected to customers.


Zoho empowers SMBs & enterprises with a 360º customer relationship lifecycle management solution. Key features include contact management, sales funnels, pipeline management, workflow automation, task management, managing marketing campaigns, sales forecasting, customer support & service, inventory management, reporting & analytics.

Our Top Priority Is The Integrity & Security Of Your Data

The SmartSearch data management and tracking tools ensure that all activity is automatically recorded, tracked, and linked to the corresponding database records on the platform.  

With this functionality, approved users can access information from simple at-a-glance reports, dashboards, and lists and record spotlights from approved devices to optimize the hiring process.  

If you’d like to learn more about how the SmartSearch Platform can create and improve your recruiting and onboarding process, CLICK HERE.