SIA Executive Forum 2024: Leadership in a Time of Turbulence

During the last week of March, industry leaders and professionals gathered at the Aria Resort in Las Vegas for the annual Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) Executive Forum. Against the rapidly evolving staffing industry landscape, this year’s theme, “Leadership in a Time of Turbulence,” resonated deeply with attendees.

Among the event’s highlights was connecting with new faces and familiar friends from past gatherings. The chance to create new relationships and rekindle old ones added an extra layer to the event, reinforcing the collaborative spirit that drives our industry.


SIA Executive Forum Seminars

Several seminars captured our attention, addressing pertinent topics and offering valuable insights. One seminar, “Building a High-Performance Sales Organization,” dove into the challenges leaders face in transitioning sales and recruiting teams from virtual to in-person settings. The panelists mentioned that they see a significant uptick in performance when their team members can schedule in-person visits with clients, and working in person with their co-workers fosters increased productivity. The panelists also emphasized the importance of tailoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to individuals, recognizing that one size does not fit all. Moreover, they underscored the significance of evaluating processes alongside outcomes, highlighting the role of effective methods in driving success.

Another focal point of discussion centered on leadership amidst uncertainty. Sessions emphasized enabling individuals to thrive during turbulent times, resonating strongly with attendees. The notion of empowering teams to make critical decisions by honing their soft and hard skills saw many head nods. Leaders were encouraged to foster an environment where team members could make meaningful contributions, recognizing that leadership extends beyond making decisions to empowering others through actions and training.


SIA Staffing Tech Summit

In addition to participating in these discussions, we appreciated the opportunity to present at the SIA Staffing Tech Summit. Our CEO, Erik Enright, showcased SmartSearch, our innovative platform, to hundreds of industry leaders, highlighting the capabilities and innovations that our clients are using to gain a competitive edge in the fierce staffing and recruiting landscape. Furthermore, we thank our client, Stefan Baier, who served as a panelist during the Staffing Tech Summit, sharing his industry knowledge and highlights of his team’s use of SmartSearch.


Check out what’s new with SmartSearch as we continue to innovate our platform, providing our users with a best-in-class experience. 2024 will be a big year for the Staffing Industry. Don’t get left behind by an antiquated platform or one with minimal features; experience a smarter way to hire.

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