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Effectively project your corporate identity to candidates with SmartSearch

Let us help you build your employer brand.

Talent acquisition begins with the creation of a cohesive environment that effectively projects a strong employer brand.  This first step ensures a company’s ability to attract passive candidates and engage active job seekers. 

SmartSearch comes complete with a career center portal that offers a customizable WordPress builder which can create a welcoming environment connected to your internal hiring systems. Want to see SmartSearch’s career center builder in action?  Click Here to schedule a one-on-one demonstration.


Easily Create a Mobile-Friendly Career Site

With our easy-to-use WordPress Plug-in, you can create a mobile-optimized responsive design that offers maximum flexibility to configure the look and feel of your job page.  Each module offers smart themes that you can customize to fit your unique company culture and employer brand. 

The basic Word-Press Plug-in can be installed at no additional cost for all new SmartSearch users as part of our set-up services. 

SmartSearch offers a career page builder WordPress builder for your company
SmartSearch offers easy to implement automation for every part of the hiring process

Build Automation & Efficiency into Your Digital Hiring Process

Experience the efficiency that comes with having a career portal directly connected to your applicant tracking system with SmartSearch.  Using this feature enables you to automate various tasks and data collection, including:

  • Candidate screening questions
  • Initial candidate qualification
  • EEOC/OFCCP data collection
  • GDPR and other international privacy law consent documentation

Performance Analytics and Reporting

All career center installations completed by SmartSearch include:

  • 24/7 performance monitoring
  • Timely security patches or critical updates
  • Regular off-site backup and Disaster Alert & Recovery Protocols


Assess skills of current candidates with SmartSearch

Stop losing candidates to a poor application experience. Learn how SmartSearch can help you build a Smart career page today


For over 35 years, SmartSearch has provided software solutions that help recruiters make better candidate selection and hiring decisions.  Our team is here to help you hire smarter with the best software solutions available.