Eclipse Traditional Recruiting Methods with SmartSearch

In talent acquisition, traditional recruiting methods often find recruiters struggling to attract and retain top talent amidst the gravitational pull of outdated strategies. SmartSearch is here to guide you through recruitment challenges, illuminating your path to success with solutions that will defy gravity and revolutionize your hiring process.


Stay Away from “Post and Pray”

Although 72% of applicants come from the vast expanse of job boards, only 1% are hired. If your jobs slip to the second page, you risk being lost in the cosmic void, as there is a 50% drop in applicant views from page 1 to 2 and a 70% drop in views to page 3. While this has not always been a traditional recruiting method, this habit has recently gained popularity with the rise of sites like Indeed and LinkedIn. Leveraging these sites shouldn’t go away, but instead combined with internal searching and sourcing. SmartSearch harnesses the power of your existing candidate database, allowing you to attract top talent and ensure your opportunities shine.


Candidate Nurture and Engagement

Just as planets orbit stars, candidates navigate their career constellations. Engage with your on-assignment candidates to ensure they remain satisfied while building a lasting relationship that, in turn, will result in redeployment for future roles. SmartSearch enables you to nurture your talent pool, keeping candidates in orbit around your opportunities. With the average person working 12 jobs in their career, remaining top of mind is crucial. Through engagement and value-driven interactions, SmartSearch helps you build lasting relationships that guide candidates through their careers.


Hiring Manager and Client Collaboration

Strong relationships are the gravitational force that binds success in talent acquisition. SmartSearch fosters stronger connections between recruiters, hiring managers, and clients, ensuring seamless collaboration transcending space and time. A study by Deloitte revealed that developing stronger relationships with hiring managers is 4 times as influential as any other factor in driving talent acquisition performance. With SmartSearch, you can harness the power of collaboration to navigate the talent universe efficiently.


Onboarding and Document Signing

Centralize your onboarding by providing an intuitive and easy experience for candidates, complete with real-time updates and checklist items for your team. As candidates prepare for their journey with your organization, SmartSearch serves as the onboarding mission control center. 69% of employees who have a great onboarding experience stick with a company for at least 3 years, so providing a seamless transition is essential. SmartSearch’s intuitive platform and SmartSign document signing capabilities ensure a smooth launch for candidates, allowing your team to manage the entire process from a single screen – the onboarding whiteboard.


Dynamic Reporting

Effective talent acquisition requires real-time metrics and dynamic reporting capabilities. SmartSearch propels your reporting efforts, allowing your team to collaborate more effectively with configurable dashboards that track activity and engagement. Traditional recruiting methods surrounding reporting lie static time-based reporting, and while this is still an effective method of reviewing information, dynamic reports provide increased flexibility. Leave your competition behind as you engage, pipeline, and report on recruitment activity with SmartSearch’s dynamic lists, ensuring your organization remains light-years ahead in the talent race.


Automate the Repetitive

In the cosmic chaos of recruitment, time is precious. SmartSearch serves as your spacecraft, navigating through repetitive tasks and freeing your team to build relationships while ensuring the deliverability of key information at the right time. With the best candidates spending an average of only 10 days in the market, automation is the key to seizing opportunities at warp speed. Let SmartSearch guide you through the talent universe, accelerating your recruitment efforts beyond this traditional recruiting method.


As we travel through the world of talent acquisition, SmartSearch emerges as the guiding star, illuminating the path to staffing success. Our innovative solutions will allow you to transcend the limitations of traditional recruiting methods, propelling your organization toward success and growth. With SmartSearch as your partner, the sky is no longer the limit – you’ll reach for the stars.

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