3 Analytic Metrics Recruiters Must Know

There is no shortage of qualified talent in today’s job pool, but some companies still find it hard to hire the employees they need. The recruiting process itself could be to blame.

If you’re not analyzing recruiting metrics as a part of your hiring process, you’re missing out on an opportunity. Analytics help you evaluate what is working well for your company and what recruiting practices you may need to rethink. That kind of understanding could be the difference between hiring the best talent and losing out to your competition.

Don’t miss out on key insights that could benefit your company’s hiring process. Below, we’re reviewing the three analytic recruiting metrics you need to start paying attention to.

Google Analytics

Data is the key to effective hiring, and Google Analytics is one of the top analytic recruiting tools available today. It can be used to determine how people are interacting with your career pages and if you need to adjust your strategy accordingly.

One thing Google Analytics can track is what devices people are using to visit your career site. When you analyze the data, you can see if visitors connected with your site via their smartphones, tablets or desktops and consider your site design through that perspective. For example, if most of your traffic comes from smartphones, you want your site to be optimized for mobile.

Google Analytics can also be used to track where your traffic is coming from — such as a search engine, a social media page or a job board — as well how much time visitors are spending on your career page once they get there.


In addition to being a robust recruitment tool, Clicky can offer its customers real-time traffic information about their websites. This allows you a moment-by-moment view of who is accessing your site’s career page.

If your site gets a spike in traffic immediately after a new job is posted, Clicky will allow you to see that instantaneously, rather than having to wait until the next day for a report.

Clicky also allows you to track what keywords people are using to access your site, which could be useful in influencing how job posts are written going forward.


Inspectlet gives you access to more in-depth analytics through its eye-tracking heat maps. This feature provides information on what part of your careers website visitors are actually reading.

For example, if visitors are scanning through the job description but spending a significant amount of time reading the job’s qualifications, this tool will be able to track that. It goes beyond just telling you how long a visitor is spending on a page to breaking down the parts of that page they are spending time on.

This can be useful when designing your career site by helping you prioritize where and how to include important job information.

Want to Know More about Analytic Recruiting Metrics?

There is no limit to the amount of analytic recruiting metrics your company could benefit from understanding. Each new statistic or piece of data reveals something about your hiring practices. Exploring it further using these unique tools could lead you to a new pool of top talent.

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