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Leadership Matters and no one knows this more than the recruiters who source C-suite candidates.  SmartSearch’s All-In-One Talent Acquisition Platform helps thousands of executive search firms source the right talent with a global solution.  With effective applicant tracking, vendor management, e-signature, and onboarding automation, SmartSearch is a system built to serve your recruiting needs 

Create A Competitive Advantage with A Global Talent Acquisition Platform

With SmartSearch, executive search firms can leverage their extensive expertise in a digital platform.  SmartSearch facilitates centralized communication between teams creating a true system of record and streamlining administrative processes in a way that is reliable, preventing important information from getting lost in the shuffle.   

SmartSearch centralizes all of the information from the recruiting and onboarding process providing visibility to your team and building business intelligence through connectivity with accounting, payroll, and other HR system solutions.   

SmartSearch custom integrations connect your technology stack, including Accounting, Payroll, Corporate Communications, and more, with your client’s systems creating a seamless exchange of information that delights both clients and candidates.  

SmartSearch’s intelligent system safeguards make it easy to manage data security throughout the organizational hierarchy.  With this in place, executive recruiters have the tools they need to win new business and earn repeat business.     

hire better, faster, smarter with smartsearch

For over 35 years, SmartSearch has provided software solutions that help recruiters make better candidate selection and hiring decisions.  Our team is here to help you hire smarter with the best software solutions available.  

Create Visibility to Make Better Business Decisions 

SmartSearch makes access to critical information available from simple at-a-glance reports, dashboards, lists, and record spotlight pages and can easily be customized for easy review using report templates, charts, and graphs that display current activity in real-time.   

All recruiting activity is automatically recorded, tracked, and linked to corresponding database records for flexible, robust reporting that managers can be used to track KPIs with the metrics they need to improve their process.   

System administrators have access to data analysis for tracking the performance of individual team members to set performance goals.  This helps managers and individual users build superior business practices together.   

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SmartSearch Features

SmartSearch is an All-In-One software solution built for recruiting professionals.  Each SmartSearch feature

and application is designed to build a better hiring experience.  

Applicant Tracking

SmartSearch puts its next-generation ATS solution at your fingertips to achieve your goals – no matter the size of your organization!

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SmartSearch’s onboarding automation for performance-centric management provides full-featured forecasting to control costs when hiring.

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SmartSign™ is an intuitive eSignature platform designed to fit the needs of a modern workplace at a fraction of the cost.

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Vendor Management

Our VMS capabilities automates and tracks your hiring process. Allowing you to run multiple workflow tracks and shorten time-to-fill.

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Grow your sales, drive business development, leverage your network, and maximize new opportunities with your customers.

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Data Security

Security protocols are in place to guard against damage from any system failure, human error, cybercrime, natural disaster or malicious attack.

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