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Employee Onboarding Software Solutions for Staffing Professionals

Onboarding software systems are designed to help recruiters and hiring professionals to manage the onboarding process for new hires.  The best onboarding tools provide a single portal to manage candidate communications, documents, and other practices specific to your company policies. This makes it easier for HR professionals to work more efficiently.  

HR professionals, recruiters, and managers need optimal onboarding software. This system should organize the entire onboarding program, such as management and approval of contracts. It should also update employee records and generate reports to help improve employee experience.

The right onboarding software solutions are designed with their users in mind creating a balance of high-tech automation and high-impact interactions to facilitate a smooth transition for full-time and contract employees.  

This Article Covers:

How Onboarding Software Works

Onboarding Software is all about creating the best possible hiring process.  The features that make up these systems can optimize and track communication between different members of your talent acquisition team.  This ensures the progress of each new hire as they move through your company’s employee onboarding process.  This can include tax and employment verification, compliance tools, and integrations with payroll administration.   

These systems serve as an efficient way to optimize the most critical determining factor for new hire productivity and retention onboarding.  With the right onboarding software solution, new employee processes are standardized, ensuring that the experience is consistent and compliant from interns to executives.    

How Does Onboarding Software Help Corporate Staffing Professionals?

The key benefit for corporate staffing professionals who implement onboarding software is the reclamation of time and capital.  Onboarding software can help create an optimal introduction to your organization’s culture, leading to a better employee lifecycle. This includes bulk upload of onboarding records and automated onboarding tasks. Together, these can build the most effective onboarding method.

By creating a digital onboarding experience, companies can build a new employee’s engagement, production, and tenure in their position.  Based on a 2022 study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, up to 69% of employees will stay at a company for at least three years if they had a good onboarding experience.   

The most successful recruitment firms use streamlined and intuitive functionality and safety protocols to manage candidate and employee information to expedite onboarding activity.  

The Best Candidate Experience Starts With A Great ATS.


Download our free guide for relevant insights on evaluating and selecting the proper ATS for your business needs. The guide includes: 

Key ATS system capabilities to evaluate.

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Must have system integrations for better hiring


How Does Onboarding Software Help Recruiting Firms?

Recruiters consistently have to consider the needs of two clients.  The companies they sourceemployee onboarding statistic by SmartSearch talent for, and the candidates they place in these positions.  Onboarding software helps recruiting professionals to accomplish the goals of both of their clients by setting candidates up for success while streamlining the processing of paperwork. 

The key benefit for recruiting professionals who implement onboarding software is the reclamation of time and capital.  From bulk onboarding to automated task notifications, onboarding software can build out the most effective method for creating long-lasting relationships between your clients and your candidates.  

How to Choose the Right Onboarding System

There are many onboarding systems on the market for professional recruiters and corporate human resources professionals, making the selection process time-consumingBut not all systems on the market are designed with these four features that these professionals need, making it easier to choose the right solution.   

Data Security:

Recruiting professionals deal with confidential information, which is why top onboarding solutions provide several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access. 


From an applicant’s personal information to the data points associated with the ideal candidate to a client’s business information, the right solution will efficiently collect all information providing a fail-safe and secure system to protect proprietary data.  


Building the right automation is the same as building the right processYou need to be able to customize it to your specific needs.  If automated tasks are not customizable, they will not work.  


Automated reminders are essential not just for recruiters but also for new hires, clients, and internal team membersOptimal onboarding systems track your entire process with easy deadline management and automated notifications. 

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Which Systems Need to Integrate with your Onboarding System?

While modern onboarding systems optimize the collection of information and communication during the hiring process, they are only as good as the systems they integrate with.  Without the right integrations, these systems’ optimizations can cause unintended issues.     

To avoid these downfalls, professionals should consider integrations with the following systems:  

Applicant Tracking Systems:

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software solution built to assist with human resources, recruitment, and hiring needsCombining the capabilities of an ATS with Onboarding Software allows recruiters to build easily accessible documents and seek out the data they need.   

CRM & Marketing Automation:

A Customer Relationship Management System is a software solution that manages all the interactions and communications between your company and your customers, potential customers, vendors, partners, and employees.  These systems are designed to help develop, track and automate all communications to nurture relationships properly, which is why the data from these interactions work well with onboarding systems.  


Payroll software automates the process of managing employee wages and tax deductionsIt is also used for tracking time off and benefits, creating an accessible portal for employees to manage their informationIntegrating payroll software with your Onboarding Software optimizes the process


Accounting software is one of the primary pillars of any business’s tech stack, tracking cash flow, purchase orders, budgets, and other financial statementsIntegrating these systems with your Onboarding Software helps automate financial management by properly storing all information and documents in one singular platform.  

LMS Software:

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are designed to support the learning and development of different skills and subjectsIntegrating LMS and onboarding system helps build a better employee retention.

E-Signature & Document Management:

Digital Signature Software or E-Signature Software provides a secure portal for capturing signatures through cryptography, helping verify signatures throughout the document-signing process.  Building this integration with Onboarding Software helps store and process data effectively.

VMS Software:

Vendor Management Systems helps organizations manage their relationships with third-party contractorsThese solutions facilitate the contracting and management of these third-party relationships to deliver proper evaluationsIntegrating VMS software with an onboarding solution helps create a better system for evaluating employee retention.  

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