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The Benefits & Features of Applicant Tracking Software

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Applicant Tracking Software Overview

Applicant Tracking Systems are applications used by businesses to assist with human resources, recruitment, and hiring needs. These tools are primarily used to help collect and organize large numbers of applicants, allowing users to build a digital recruiting pipeline 

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How Can an Applicant Tracking System Improve the Candidate Selection Process?

While every organization has different requirements, they all need to recruit the right talent to ensure continued success and growth. The challenge is finding that talent.

Applicant Tracking Software works to resolve this challenge by managing the data structure of your entire organization to deliver appropriate information to administrators, management, sales, and recruiting. This data can then be used to identify top candidates that meet your organization’s needs.

When used by human resources, sourcing, staffing, recruiting, and talent management professionals, applicant-tracking software provides flexibility and an adaptive nature designed to augment tasks and labor historically performed manually, such as identifying the best candidates for selected positions based on criteria that is aligned with your company goals.

Many ATS solutions go a step further in improving and automating these processes by incorporating Artificial Intelligence to adapt and enhance the process for end-users by gauging past activities and learning based on these outcomes.

How Does an Applicant Tracking System Aid Corporate Recruiters?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps recruiters who work as a part of a larger corporation to simplify the difficulties of a manual hiring process. By creating a digital recruiting strategy with an ATS, larger companies can expand their talent pool, optimize their onboarding, and increase new hire retention.

Modern Applicant Tracking Systems feature comprehensive functionality to support hiring and onboarding professionals by storing and managing important candidate information to streamline and enhance communications, track progress, and measure performance, driving recruiting productivity.

ATS systems are becoming so prevalent in larger corporations that as of 2019, 99% of Fortune 500 companies used an ATS in their hiring process.

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How Does an Applicant Tracking System Aid Professional Recruiters?

Professional recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems to maximize business development through different ATS functions to grow their client base, increase revenue, and leverage social networks to identify new opportunities.

The most successful recruitment firms use ATS software to support their sales and marketing efforts simultaneously. From storing and managing important client and contact information to tools designed to streamline and enhance business-to-business communication, track progress, and measure performance to drive sales productivity.

How to Choose the Right Applicant Tracking System

Before you select an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), it is essential that you review and audit the details of your current recruiting and onboarding processes.  By taking the time to assess these processes, you can effectively evaluate the many different software solutions available in the market.   

Whether manual or digital, when auditing your recruiting, onboarding, and retention processes, keep the following elements in mind:  

  • Growth Capabilities 
  • Team Member Connectivity 
  • Education and Support 
  • Compliance & Reporting 

Growth Capabilities: Although you or other business members may set well-thought goals created from up-to-date metrics, change is inevitable.  When assessing your current situation and goals for your chosen ATS, ensuring that the solution is committed to consistent improvement is vital, with a track record that supports this commitment.   

Team Member Connectivity: An Applicant Tracking System is not meant to manage every aspect of your business.  It will need to connect to other software and communicate with other departments outside of human resources.  When auditing your current process, be sure to account for all departments involved with recruiting, payroll, onboarding, and employee retention, regardless of whether the requirements are as simple as email communications or more complicated tech integrations.  

Education & Support:  When evaluating new hire retention, it is crucial to understand how they are being educated and supported, whether it is their first day or the anniversary of their decade of employment with your company.  When evaluating ATS solutions, ensure that those considered provide the necessary training on all system functionalities.   

Compliance & Reporting: To determine how well a tech solution can improve your current process, it is essential to ensure that the system has the right capabilities when it comes to reporting and compliance.  The proper reporting functionality visually represents whether goals are being met or exceeded.  The appropriate compliance functionality ensures that all communications remain within company standards.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Better System

What are the Essential Functions of a Top Applicant Tracking System?

Thousands of different ATS Systems are available throughout the global market, making selecting the right solution even more difficult.  Luckily, there are industry leaders that provide essential functions which separate them from other competitors.   

One Click Posting:

While there are many Applicant Tracking Systems, there are even more job boards, job listing sites, and recruiting networks where recruiting professionals can list their current job openings and descriptions.  The best ATS systems allow users to quickly post job listings onto all their approved platforms in one step.    

Onboarding Automation:

Onboarding is a modern enhancement for top ATS systems designed to further improve the candidate’s experience.  This includes document management and e-signing capabilities that provide users with intuitive functionality and safety protocols.     

Data Collection & Reporting:

From an applicant’s personal information to the data points associated with the ideal candidate, the right ATS system will efficiently collect all information during the recruiting and staffing process that can be viewed and exported by approved team members.   

Infrastructure Security:

Recruiting professionals deal with confidential information, which is why top ATS solutions provide several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access.  


An Applicant Tracking System is only one component of an influential tech stack.  This means that the best ATS solutions rely on connectivity with accounting, marketing, education, and applicant-sourcing solutions.  

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Which Systems Should Integrate with your Applicant Tracking System?

While modern Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are an asset for recruiters, they are only as good as the systems they integrate with.  Without the right integrations, system automation that help recruiting and HR professionals can cause issues for other team members if not implemented correctly.   

To avoid these issues, professionals should consider integrations with the following systems:  

CRM & Marketing Automation:

A Customer Relationship Management System is a software solution that manages all the interactions and communications between your company and your customers, potential customers, vendors, partners, and employees.  These systems are designed to help develop, track, and automate all communications to nurture relationships properly.   

Social Engagement:

Social media platforms are one of the most effective communication channels globally.  Building integrations between social platforms and your ATS system allows recruiters to broaden their reach when hiring top candidates.  


Payroll software automates the process of managing employee wages and tax deductions.  It is also used for tracking time off and benefits, creating an accessible portal for employees to manage their information.  Integrating payroll software with your ATS optimizes the onboarding process.


Accounting software is one of the primary pillars of any business’s tech stack, tracking cash flow, purchase orders, budgets, and other financial statements.  Integrating these systems with your ATS helps automate financial management by eliminating the transfer of paper statements.  

LMS Software:

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are designed to support the learning and development of different skills and subjects.  Integrating LMS and ATS systems helps build a better onboarding and employee retention solution.    

VMS Software:  

Vendor Management Systems help organizations manage their relationships with third-party contractors.  These solutions facilitate the contracting and management of these third-party relationships to deliver proper evaluations.  Integrating VMS software with ATS solutions helps create a better system for evaluating and tracking the performance of temporary and contract employees.  

Skills Testing:

In this highly competitive job market, skill testing software allows recruiters to evaluate and assess the capabilities of different candidates properly.  These systems have a natural need to integrate with your ATS as it ensures that you can correctly match the right candidates with the best positions.  

SMS Texting:

SMS Messaging or Texting software sends bulk or single automated communications to a contact’s cell phone.  By integrating this software solution with your ATS, recruiters can schedule message delivery, analyze response rates, and maintain their contact database.  

Background & Reference Checks:

These tools help recruiters and HR professionals manage the process of requesting and collecting background checks and references for candidates.  Integrating these solutions with your ATS streamlines the hiring and onboarding process.   

HR/Workforce Management:

Human Resources Software is designed to help businesses manage their workforce in a way that is efficient and compliant with business, state, and federal guidelines.  These systems are often designed to streamline the payroll, employee L&D (Learning & Development), and communications which naturally integrate with ATS solutions.

E-Signature & Document Management:

Digital Signature Software or E-Signature Software provides a secure portal for capturing signatures through cryptography, helping verify signatures throughout the document-singing process.  Building this integration with your Applicating Tracking Software and document management software helps speed up the hiring process.  

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Who Are the Top 5 Global Applicant Tracking Software Companies?

SmartSearch-Applicant Tracking System


SmartSearch is a complete, agile software solution that brings powerful candidate sourcing and collaboration tools to your talent acquisition efforts.  For over 35 years, SmartSearch has been a global leader in ATS solutions for corporate and independent recruiting professionals combining ATS, CRM, Data Management, VMS, E-Signature, and Onboarding solutions into one platform.  


PCRecruiter by Main Sequence Technology is a web-based solution for recruitment, HR sourcing, RPO, and staffing. Featuring Outlook integration, integrated job posting, candidate screening, and automated resume import. The Main Sequence team has 20 years of service to the recruitment industry and thousands of customers worldwide.


JobDiva is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) technology for staffing enterprises, incorporating a patent-protected recruiting engine and supported by a full suite of features to drive the hiring process from first engagement to hire and onboarding.


Avionté is an enterprise staffing and recruiting software offering a full suite of staffing solutions throughout the U.S. and Canada. Avionté provides customized solutions tailored to the needs of clerical, light industrial, IT, professional, and healthcare staffing firms.


Greenhouse delivers a complete solution to help companies hire for what’s next. As the fastest-growing hiring platform in the industry, thousands of leading companies like DoorDash and Dropbox use Greenhouse’s intelligent guidance to design and automate all aspects of hiring.