When it comes time to consider a software provider, the options are endless… but that doesn’t mean the one spending the most on marketing itself is the right choice for you. 

Deep, Insightful Functionality That Fits

Are your software tools inherently designed to integrate with both your internal and external applications? Ideal BoB providers effortlessly integrate with leading third-party service providers such as job boards, large public candidate databases, candidate sourcing and business development research tools, background screening and pre-employment assessment testing, HRIS/Payroll systems and more.

ERP providers rarely offer built-in integration, plus there’s typically more potential for significant organizational change in aligning with ERP functionality. Customization to add functionality can also be costly and time-consuming.

Plus, to assure your function continues to fit, a BoB vendor is likely to be more open to active collaboration and co-development with customers to develop solutions for emerging requirements.

Simple, Flexible and Dedicated to Service

Best-of-Breed software is easy to use (why do you think they got that name?). In many cases, built in also is the flexibility and scalability to serve a range of business models.

A smaller, “boutique” BoB provider can work more as an extension of your business—paying far more attention to customer service than some ERP’s big-company bottom line, and taking real ownership of meeting customers’ expectations. And since the implementation time frame is typically orders of magnitude faster than with an ERP your ROI will kick in all that much faster.

And how often is it the best idea to have all your eggs in one basket? With a Best-of-Breed, you’re not locked into single vendor—and more likely to get personal, responsive action a lot easier when any hiccups occur.

 Your Future as a Priority

Business needs change, and acquisitions and mergers can really impact your business. An ERP solution is rarely all that flexible when it comes to managing your changing requirements—in fact, their own business fluctuations can frequently create problems for you. A good BoB solution can offer far greater flexibility to manage change, and is also more likely to have the functionality needed to grow your business.

Greater agility and keener focus on the recruiting and staffing marketplace—and customers’ unique requirements—mean a Best of Breed provider has the means to keep clients at the forefront of advances in technology and changing market conditions and trends.

Plus it’s no surprise cream-of-the-crop BoBs share a passion for product improvement and innovation: it’s an important part of what led them to become Best-of-Breed in the first place.