Inspired Innovation from Amtec and the California Staffing Professionals

Last spring, SmartSearch participated in the California Staffing Professionals (CSP) annual conference and expo. We had an opportunity to attend some educational sessions, and network with the speakers, conference attendees, workshop leaders, and our fellow exhibitors, as well as talk shop with our clients (plus attend a few parties!). We’re always looking for inspiration — and the CSP conference is a great place to find it.

We also spent some quality time speaking with our clients who visited our booth at the Expo, including several recruiters and account managers from Amtec, long time SmartSearch users and members of the California Staffing Professionals association. And most fortunately, I had a chance to speak with Brian Haddad, Staffing Manager at Amtec, who made a great suggestion for improving the Express Find function in SmartSearch.

The Express Find is a popular short-cut navigation feature that allows a user to enter a first name, last name, partial name, email address, job title, contact or company name, or another identifier, click the appropriate Main Menu button and quickly lookup a record.

If the Express Find identifies multiple records that fit the criteria, users will get a list of corresponding records. If you didn’t select the Main Menu button and just hit Enter, the system would default to the Candidate lookup, or remember the last lookup button that you hit.

Thanks to Brian’s excellent suggestion (drum roll please) now you can type your Express Find search term and simply press Enter; a new default setting will lookup ALL corresponding profiles for Candidates, Contacts, Business and Job records.

Users can still limit the Express Find to one record type as always, just click the desired Main Menu button as before and the system will lookup records just for Candidates or Jobs, or whatever you specify.

“I was stoked to hear the great news that SmartSearch applied my suggestion to the Express Find feature to lookup multiple records. I started using it right away!”  Brian Haddad was excited that we were able to implement his suggestion so quickly. We applied it to Amtec’s service as soon as it was coded & tested.

Scott Kuethen, CEO at Amtec, said, “As a SmartSearch customer for 30 years, I’m a fan of how responsive LJ and the technical support team is when we ask for a new feature that we think will make our recruiting lives better.”  

The enhancement to Express Find will be applied to all SmartSearch installations with our 4Q updates.

We thank everyone at Amtec – and all our customers – for the many suggestions we receive. This update is a great example of how we draw inspiration from our clients to provide continuous product improvement that makes your job easier and keeps our customers ahead of the technology curve.


Photo courtesy of Ben Pollard.