SmartSearch is excited to offer the ability to post free organic job listings to Monster and LinkedIn. The organic job postings will enable you to extend your reach on these leading job boards and achieve greater visibility of your openings at no additional cost.

This integration is significant for clients, providing them with the ability, and the convenience, of posting jobs directly through the SmartSearch platform. 

“We are excited for these important integrations because millions of people use Monster and LinkedIn everyday to network and find job opportunities. In a market where there is a surplus of jobs to fill, our clients will be able to efficiently post their jobs to their target audience and track applicants without ever leaving the SmartSearch platform”, says President & CTO of SmartSearch, LJ Morris.

Start posting your jobs to Monster and LinkedIn today! For our current clients who want to take advantage of this new functionality, simply check the box for either platform to ensure the organic selection is turned on for each job you’d like to post. Or better yet, be sure it’s enabled as a default setting to automatically post all your live job openings.

Note: For organic LinkedIn posts, you will need to have the LinkedIn Company ID associated with your company’s LinkedIn account.

If you want to find candidates quickly and easily in this tight labor market, SmartSearch welcomes the opportunity to discuss how this value-added capability is one of many ways that we make it easy for you to find the right candidates at the right time: Book Demo Today