Initially, many people believed social media to be a fad, but it proved itself to be a fact over time. It was created by a society demanding entertainment and information at lightning-fast speeds, its growth is organic, and it thrives on societal energy. Social media provides an entrée into people’s lives you may not have had the chance ever to meet, and it does this at what seems to be a leisurely pace. Many organizations use social media to promote their products and services because of its speed and pervasiveness. However, many still struggle with using this media channel to reach one of the essential segments of their business: job candidates.

The label social media is an umbrella term with various platforms nestled under its name. However, all work similarly in some respects; some work better than others at certain outreach aspects. For example, when considering the most widely used social platforms, Twitter is beneficial with short, quick, and immediate news updates. LinkedIn is considered by many to be the most effective online networking tool (though many pundits believe it to be a resume database and job board). Facebook is an all-purpose social platform. It runs the gamut from being a repository for grandchildren’s pictures, a gathering spot for long-lost friends to reconnect, a place where fans of celebrities can share admiration, an area to deliberate on the current state of politics, and much more. Included on this list for Facebook is the ability to source and recruit job candidates.

According to the information shared during our SmartSearch August 16 SmartPractices webinar, The New Rules of Facebook: Finding Job Candidates, presenter and sourcing guru Shally Steckerl stressed that companies need to have a presence where their target audience is most likely present. If you’re using Facebook, you’d like to learn about using this platform successfully for talent acquisition. You can click here for your complimentary viewing of the August 16 SmartPractices webinar.

Search tactics covered by Shally and some additional ways to use Facebook successfully are:

  • Seeking out particular groups (some groups are closed, and you may not be able to participate in those, but you can send a request to join)
  • Searching for people (job titles, school, company name) by location
  • Joining discussions that cover topics pertinent to the people you want to recruit
  • Creating groups that your target audience will find interesting
  • Starting a company page with an exciting careers section
  • Using Facebook ads with specific filters to reach your audience


Once you’ve employed any or all of these tactics, you must initiate conversations in a space that will maintain your audience’s interest and allow them to learn more about the human side of your business. For example, please don’t use your careers page exclusively as a job board with a laundry list of openings; use it as an opportunity to showcase your culture, place company announcements, brag about employees’ achievements, etc. In other words, partake in a relationship or community building. This approach will serve you better in the long run, and as good talent acquisition professionals know, hiring doesn’t occur in a vacuum, nor does it come quickly in a tight talent market.