When you think about recruiting automation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? ATS Software? Onboarding software? Artificial Intelligence? Before you look at any hiring automation software, you need to understand the total breadth of your recruiting process and the areas of your business where you should consider applying automation.

Recruitment automation software enables employers to automate hiring workflows and tasks to increase productivity, shorten time-to-fill jobs, and lower hiring costs.

There may be tasks and workflow that you should NOT automate. Between all the possible hiring automation, recruiting automation options, Artificial Intelligence, and new tools from Chatbots to ChatGPT – where does the human fit into the process?

Consider how recruiters and hiring managers can be more human-centric.

Recruitment automation software should be used for handling routine, repetitive tasks, so your people can focus on candidate engagement and building relationships.

For example, your ATS software can be configured to automate day-to-day tasks, reminders, event triggers, and tracking the next step in the workflow for:

  • Job Posting
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Pre-Screening
  • Assessments and Skills Testing
  • Interview Scheduling and Follow-up
  • Background Checks
  • Offer Letter Generation
  • Onboarding New Hires

Every recruitment automation solution has long been comprised of a “technology stack.” A modern recruiting technology stack is one where all the pieces are integrated in a central platform orOptimized Recruitment Process Statistic for shortening the hiring cycle ecosystem that brings multiple software solutions and vendor partners together in a central database.

With the increasing complexity of the technology stack, employers are increasing investments in sourcing automation and candidate processing to create their own talent networks and communities. At a recent webinar hosted by the California Staffing Professionals Association, we examined the Trends in the Staffing Industry in 2022 and the implications for corporate employers. Presented by Adrienne Nelson, Vice President of Solutions and Delivery for Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), the program featured new and emerging trends in hiring automation systems, the rising tide of artificial intelligence, and the rapidly accelerating pace of new technology.

The key to having an optimal technology stack is flexibility. As technology advances, and as your company needs to scale up, or perhaps scale back during times of economic uncertainty, your automated hiring system needs to be configurable, and agile enough to respond and adapt to change.

An effective recruitment automation stack is typically built on four pillars:

  • ATS Platform

A solid ATS software infrastructure provides the horsepower to support talent sourcing, candidate relationship management and engagement for building talent pools and pipelines, and workflow automation to manage and track each step of the recruiting process. Automated sourcing and search capabilities that use Artificial Intelligence, such as SmartSearch’s AI-Smart single-click candidate matching tool, time-savers like e-signature capture, and integration with your preferred vendor partners for background screening, assessment testing, and other third-party providers help streamline the process.


  • Vendor Management System

With the strong hiring outlook and over 3 million temp jobs available, employers are relying more on staffing agencies to fill jobs and grow their contingent workforce. According to SIA’s research, employers reported the contingent share of the workforce was up to 22% in 2022. A vendor management system (VMS) can serve as a vital component of the hiring automation system to develop strategic business relationships for filling jobs faster and finding the hard-to-find talent.


  • Paperless Onboarding

Look for hiring automation that provides options on when, where and how the onboarding software fits into the process.  A secure, mobile-friendly candidate portal is a must for any onboarding software solution and automated hiring system. The goal is to make it as quick and easy for candidates, and simple for recruiters to manage documentation, collect e-signatures, and track workflow.


  • HRIS/Payroll

Any automated hiring system must ultimately connect with the HRIS, HRMS, and payroll applications. That’s why it’s vital that the recruitment automation software is able to export data collected during the recruiting, hiring and onboarding process, and be compatible with the organization’s HRIS..

SmartTraks automation for recruiting and hiring

Reporting is critical for excellent recruiting automation. 

How can you tell if your recruitment automation software and technology stack is delivering the best results? You need robust, multi-level reporting to generate key metrics, drive efficiency and process improvement, and make better hiring decisions.

The automated hiring system should feature a wide range of at-a-glance dashboards, lists of work-in-progress, and up-to-the-minute reports on performance and status tracking. You’ll also need in-depth report writing tools to generate KPIs and statistics to deliver meaningful information to hiring managers, human resources, senior management and government regulatory compliance agencies.

Automating your hiring process is going to be an ongoing process.  

Since 1986, our ATS software helps companies hire better, faster and smarter. We’ve learned that there is no such thing as recruitment automation software where one-size-fits all. In our experience, continuous product improvement and periodic system optimization of the technology stack is essential to build a better automated hiring system.

Our group of experts work tirelessly to serve the changing needs of our client’s and keep up with new trends in automation. Most importantly, we help fill the gap between new technology and human adaptability.



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