Webinar Recap: Remote Work, The New Normal

On June 23, consulting experts from Black Box Consulting conducted a panel-chat-style webinar where members from the organization discussed the pros and cons of working remotely. They covered best practices and offered tips on how to stay focused and productive, how to overcome challenges when families are working together, what key skills leadership needs to utilize to keep their teams motivated and in the loop on information, as well as the impending challenges of returning back to employer’s place of business and how to re-acclimate back to this environment.

In addition to many employees acknowledging the benefits of working remotely, many companies have come to recognize the dollars and cents benefits. According to a press release put out by Gartner on April 3, 2020, the revealed that nearly 75% of CFO would move 5% of their current workforce to permanent remote work positions. With the advent of advanced technologies that allow workers to stay connected and productive, needing to have everyone returning back to a brick and mortar work environment is coming under close scrutiny. This, coupled with an unlimited amount of advice from WFH veterans offering tips and ideas on how to acclimate successfully to new working conditions, has helped many people to get settled into the “new normal” workplace.

If you missed the webinar or would like to listen again, click here to access the webinar recording. Also, three poll questions conducted during the webinar revealed the following results. Here are the responses:

–Question One: Have you ever had a position pre-COVID where you worked remotely? Answers: 38% Never; 33% Part-time; 30% Full-time

–Question Two: What has been the most challenging part of working remotely? Answers: 10% Workspace and technology issues; 31% Lack of social interactions; 24% Home and family distractions; 26% Working longer hours; 10% Lack of direction

–Question Three: If given the choice, will you opt to continue working remotely? Answers: 71% Yes; 15% No; 15% Unsure


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Photo courtesy of Benjamin Suter on Unsplash