7 Ways to Incorporate Trendy Interactive Content on Your Recruitment Agency Website

As of last fall, researchers have shown that 51% of content marketers are now leaning on interactive content to engage visitors. While you might think of this as the realm of media or commercial sites, this approach can also be helpful for a recruitment agency website.

While your site is primarily to attract employers and talent, you should always aim to have your place at the cutting edge of every digital design trend. It would be best if you showed that you’d got an ear to the ground so that you’ll be able to match talent to positions that they’ll be able to thrive at for years to come.

Whether you’re relaunching your brand or looking to add some new elements to your site, interactivity increases engagement time and profits. Here are seven ways to keep visitors on your site longer and engage them in what your recruitment agency website has to offer.

1. Interactive Tours

Creating a walkthrough of your offices or how your services work will give visitors a peek into what they’re getting before signing a contract with you. Here you can show off your state-of-the-art facilities, the hard work of your recruiters, and show how you take applicants through the hiring process.

2. Interactive Product Picker

Here you can offer potential clients the opportunity to see what you offer while catering to their needs. Let them take control of the dull question-and-answer session they’d have over the phone with your receptionist.

In the end, they can submit a form with what they need with contact information so you can get right to the point when you call them.

3. 360-degree Videos

New 360-degree video technology allows visitors to explore space around your office or your company. Some content marketers are leaving little easter eggs around the scene to encourage viewers to engage with the videos.

4. Salary Calculator

Give a tool to your potential recruits to get an idea of what they could be getting for their skills. Every recruit has a different set of skills, and every combination could offer other opportunities.

Help them find their path and determine how much they could make with a skills-and-salary calculator.

5. Add A Quiz

Quizzes have built up sites like BuzzFeed over the years and continue to draw people in with engaging questions about their field. Start with a hook and get people to click through to learn more about their approach to recruiting.

6. Interactive Infographics

Perhaps you’ve got some important data that you want to share with your audience but are struggling with how to present it. The best way could be through an interactive slideshow that allows visitors to dive deep into your data.

Include interactivity in your recruitment website’s design and watch your traffic metrics spike. Make it approachable and fun but allow visitors to learn valuable recruitment stats.

7. Contests

Customer loyalty is essential to any business. Find a way to offer small rewards for recruits you’ve placed at companies. You could give them a gift card in exchange for a review of their recruiter or their company.

Companies will applaud your approach and thank you for the feedback with continued business.

A Recruitment Agency Website Doesn’t Need To Be Boring

The field is so ripe for new approaches that you could stand head and shoulders above your competition with an engaging, interactive site.

If you’re ready to take your recruitment agency website to the next level, you can always reach out to BizzwithBuzz, Inc. (BuzzRecruiter.com), the trusted design agency for SmartSearch and many other HR Tech and HR-related brands.