California Employers Prepare For CFRA 2021

Webinar recap: San Diego SHRM provides an update on State employment laws, and new legislation and offers tips and strategies for regulatory compliance. 

On Wednesday, October 14, SmartSearch co-sponsored a virtual event hosted by the San Diego chapter of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) featuring its annual Employment Law Update.

The program kicked off with significant updates to COVID-19 policy and procedures.

Starting January 1, employers must notify workers within one business day of receiving a “notice of potential Coronavirus exposure.” Human Resources departments must move quickly to advise employees of available benefits, such as paid sick leave or workers’ compensation. The notification must also include details on remediation steps to be taken.

Employers must also notify the State Department of Public Health within 24 hours and include all relevant information about the outbreak.


  • Be sure contact info is up to date for all employees
  • Be ready to act fast by preparing an Employee Notification Packet now
  • Prepare your team by putting a notification procedure in place

COVID-19 updates also covered regulations that went into effect in September 2020. Larger employers with 500+ workers are now required to provide supplemental sick leave if an employee has to be quarantined or otherwise medically prohibited from going to work as prescribed by a doctor.

Other important employment law updates included a discussion on California Family Rights Act (CFRA):

Another key topic was the expansion of the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). Effective January 1, all employers with five or more employees must provide medical leave for workers who need to care for a family member, including a dependent child, grandchild, parent or grandparent, sibling, or domestic partner.

The presentation also touched on recent revisions to laws applying to the definition of independent contractors (it’s still complicated). It was noted that Labor Commission Claims and whistle-blower retaliation claims will get more expensive to resolve in 2021.

Employers need to be aware of updates to the California Privacy Rights Act, Wage & Hour issues, Corporate Board Diversity requirements for under-represented minorities, pay data reporting to show equity across race, ethnicity and gender.

This essential guide to important 2020 cases that impact employers and new legislation set to go into effect for 2021 was presented by Jennifer Suberlak, San Diego SHRM VP of Legislation, Employment Attorney at Pettit Kohn Ingrassia Lutz & Dolin, and Darcey Groden, Employment Attorney at Fisher & Phillips LLP.

As a California company, SmartSearch needs to keep up with State laws and regulations that impact the workplace and be mindful of how our recruiting software can help Human Resources maintain a compliant,