SmartSearch Adds Artificial Intelligence Search Capability

Oceanside, CA – November 5, 2020 –

The award-winning software company, SmartSearch®, is proud to announce the launch of its newest add-on module AI Smart on November 1, 2020. AI Smart helps end-users find ideal candidates for their jobs and match jobs to candidates previously stored in the database.

What is AI Smart?

AI Smart works within the database by recognizing the distinctions and similarities between the job description and resume. Search results are weighed against eight qualifying factors, including experience, education, skills, and more.

By using the advanced logic of Artificial Intelligence, SmartSearch users can expect a seamless, integrated, and intuitive experience. AI Smart is configurable, allowing users to select qualifiers and matching criteria, as well as geographical distance settings based on job level or remote work. At the same time, the technology auto-ranks inbound candidates for jobs.

AI features include automatic searching for candidates based on previous hires and recruiters’ top choices from previous searches, filtering out candidates that have been previously reviewed, rejected or are already advanced in the hiring process. Biometric scoring of candidates who have applied for jobs and identifying alternative jobs best suited to the candidate’s qualifications help identify top talent for each open position.

SmartSearch President and Chief Technology Officer, LJ Morris states, “AI Smart is unlike many off-the-shelf AI systems. It lets our clients utilize the advanced logic tools to identify why AI Smart believes a candidate or job is the ideal fit. Our clients gain a more competitive advantage by making better use of their resume database, along with better hiring decisions in real-time with AI Smart.”

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