Does Your Company Need a Drug Testing Program?

There are myriad changes occurring with workplace policies. One of which is if, when, why and how companies conduct drug testing at the time of onboarding new talent. The shortage of talent is one of the factors that is leading employers to rethink if drug testing is a necessity, as well as how it may potentially impact timing in the war for scarce talent.

On March 12, 2018, Verified First, a leading background and drug screening company, posted an important and timely article on this very topic. Here is an excerpt from that article:

“There are many unknowns when hiring new employees. Each employee can make a significant impact on a team or company. Consequently, an employer needs to know who they bring into their workforce. Drugs use can dramatically change a person’s behavior. If left unchecked, these negative changes may hurt employee morale. For example, an employee struggling with substance abuse may be lethargic, tardy, or quick-tempered. This behavior often has a ripple effect on other employees. Co-workers may resent the substance abuser’s behavior and it could impact their own productivity.”

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