From the President’s Desk – December 2021

Where did the time go? If you are like me, this is a question I ask myself every December. How did an entire year pass so quickly? One theory is that as you get older, a single year becomes a smaller percentage of your total life lived, and therefore it seems to go by faster.

My perspective is more straightforward – the busier we are, the faster time seems to go. As a child, I recall trying to remain active in the days before a birthday so that it did not seem like such a painfully long wait to that glorious day of presents.

Remember to slow down

How do we “slow down time” going into 2022? How do we make next year a “year to remember”? One easy answer is, “don’t be so busy.” As I look at the new SmartSearch Plus platform, the most ambitious project in our company’s history, to roll out in early 2022, being less busy seems like an impossible goal. We are building a people “platform” that allows:

  • New and exciting ways to configure workflows and screens
  • Customers to “grow at the speed of SmartSearch”
  • Users to rapidly modify the platform to suit talent needs
  • More flexibility than any ATS on the market
  • You to quickly adapt as fast as the fluctuating market and regulatory conditions

While not everyone is redefining an industry, most business owners have optimistic growth plans for 2022. With this in mind, how do we slow down the time to capture the moment? Are we doomed to a life speeding past us?

How? Here is an answer!

Welcome to mindfulness. Simply put, it is living in the moment. We can spend far too much time worrying about the past and focusing on the future’s great “what ifs.” Mindfulness can transform your life by allowing you to experience the “now,” taking in every experience to its fullest.

This topic is an important one in our lives. I would encourage you to research more on Google about it. Accelerate your learning on it by engaging a life coach, a mental health or wellness expert to help you remember to “live in the now.”

The next time you are out to lunch with a colleague, for example, put away that phone and enjoy every bite. Slowing down can add many benefits to life, and eating slower also benefits weight control. Making eye contact and focusing on active listening will help create a better connection with the other person and show that you care.

If you are nervous about a presentation, splash your face with ice-cold water. This “grounds” you and brings you to the present while resetting your central nervous system, which significantly impacts anxiety.

Let’s make 2022 a year to remember each glorious and valuable moment.

LJ Morris
President & CTO