SmartSearch Announces Upgrades to Platform

Carlsbad, CA – August 24th, 2021

In the latest version of SmartSearch®, the theme is improved time management. Most of the updates designed to help recruiting business and talent acquisition professionals to invest their time in the places that matter most, maximizing results.


SmartSearch has added the following new features and benefits:

  • Increase user adoption through the new Learning Management System
  • Easily retrieve data for at-a-glance custom reports using pivot-tables
  • Optimize & customize job pages with our new WordPress plug-in and a choice of web-ready templates designed to attract ideal candidates and promote clients employment brand
  • Boost candidate response via free organic job posting to Monster and LinkedIn
  • Streamline email marketing campaigns with improved automation
  • Effortlessly categorize, find and manage your paperless document library
  • Take advantage of new time-saving integrations


“At SmartSearch, we strive to provide our users with all the features they need and an agile, future-proof solution to keep them ahead of the curve in recruiting technology. We’ve worked closely with several clients and vendor partners to these upgrades, many of whom have noted a huge difference in workflow efficiencies with the new and enhanced features”, says LJ Morris, President, and CTO, of SmartSearch®.


Version 22 highlights include innovative new features to:


Increase User Adoption and Training with SmartSearch University

A new Learning Management System (LMS), SmartSearch University, has been designed to optimize product adoption and use. A complete set of recorded videos showcase the various ways a designated subject matter expert (SME) can utilize SmartSearch to its fullest potential while ensuring onboarding and new user training are a breeze.


Find Answers Fast with Pivot-Tables

Excel-style pivot tables have been added to the list reports to help users quickly drill into desired data sets. Associated with virtually every list on the Work-In-Progress menu and throughout the software, users get up-to-the-minute access to on-the-fly reports on job placements, as well as all recruiting and onboarding status reports.


Customize the Candidate Experience with WordPress Plug-Ins

Talent acquisition begins with a cohesive and branded landing page that effectively projects your corporate identity to attract passive candidates and engage job seekers. Version 22 offers a WordPress plug-in within our Career Center portal to allow clients to create a welcoming environment for job posting and optimal candidate experience.


With maximum flexibility, the plug-ins can be configured to fit the look and feel of your company’s brand, all while adhering to GDPR, voluntary EEOC/OFCCP data capture for compliance reporting, and other international privacy laws.


Job Posting Enhancements

Version 22 includes free organic job posting to Monster and LinkedIn job boards to increase exposure to your career opportunities and attract more candidates to job openings. Bonus feature: New auto-refresh allows previously published jobs to be automatically refreshed based on desired timing established by the user.


Enhanced Email Automation Tools

Improved email marketing tools in V22 allow users to schedule emails and create workflow rules to send emails based on emails opened, schedule based on time of day, and pre-selected contact lists. Email templates and campaigns can be further personalized for timely communications to candidates and contacts.


Improved Paperless Document Management

A revamped document storage area provides a faster, more concise way to organize, sort, and manage recruiting business and new hire documentation. New category filters make sorting simple by allowing users to group documents. This time-saving feature makes it easy to add, edit or replace, and send hiring documents to candidates for digital signing. Plus, users will have the ability to create custom categories.


Time-Saving Integrations

Last but not least, we are also excited that V22 includes a new partnership with SkillSurvey’s talent assessment tools and a highly anticipated integration with JobRobotix for real-time syncing with Vendor Management Systems. Stay tuned for details on these value-added integrations.


At SmartSearch, our work is never done. What was good “then” is never good enough for the present and future. Our track record of 30+ years gives us the strength, stability, experience, and trust we’ve earned to keep aspiring for more.


About SmartSearch®: SmartSearch provides next-generation talent acquisition and staffing management software to businesses in both the recruiting and corporate sectors. Our talent management and applicant tracking systems streamline the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring process in one easy-to-use, dynamic solution. We help our clients recruit effectively and efficiently, helping our clients to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing recruitment landscape.


SmartSearch is a two-time winner of Talent Culture’s HR Tech award, and has been named in the Top 10 Recruitment Technology Solution Providers for 2021 by HR Tech Outlook Magazine.


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