SmartSearch® Named as 2018 Top 25 HR Technology Provider

OCEANSIDE, CA – June 5, 2018  Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch®, proudly announces its inclusion to the short list of most highly advanced, innovative HR technology providers for 2018.

CIO magazine has long recognized the technology organizations which stand out from their competition by providing outstanding service along with an exceptional and high-quality software solution. High-functioning tools such as AI, the use of cloud technology, data and analytics management, advanced learning and onboarding platforms, and the use of automation to eliminate mundane and routine tasks are some of the factors they consider when selecting and recognizing their list of the Top 25.

“We’ve always believed that staying ahead of the staffing and talent acquisition curve is what keeps our clients on track for meeting and exceeding their own business goals,” states LJ Morris, CTO, APS, Inc.

“We work to build true and lasting partnerships with our clients and hold them along with their feedback as highly important to the continuity and advancement of our software and business relationships. Not many companies can say they still partner with six of the original 10 customers from 30+years ago. We can and we’re proud of it,” says Doug Coull, CEO, APS, Inc.

The panel who make up the group of decision-makers in vetting the technology companies are comprised of CEOs, CHROs, CIOs, as well as the editorial members of CIO magazine. All winners are judged on having a solid internal process, being innovative within their given solution and to be providers of cost-efficient software that provides unwavering value and stability to the end users.

“Our clients want an efficient, high-functioning software system that provides them with the speed, reliability, user-friendliness, and dependability they need, and we back these with the gold-standard in technical and customer support; and we’re happy to do so,” states LJ Morris.

About SmartSearch®:  Since 1986, Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. leads the way in the development and deployment of quality talent management and recruiting software. For over three decades SmartSearch® has been creating applicant tracking systems to streamline sourcing, recruiting and hiring in one easy-to-use solution. We help our clients to recruit at the speed of life and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing recruitment landscape. For more information visit SmartSearch.

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