SmartSearch Optimizes Job Postings for Google Jobs Search

Once again, SmartSearch delivers our customers the latest developments in the recruitment marketplace.  We recently completed updates to the SmartSearch Career Center integration to include Structured Data coding for Google Jobs new AI-powered search engine.

Google Jobs allows candidates to search for jobs across all major online job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder, as well as social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other popular sites. Google’s metasearch will also pull job listings on a company’s website – provided the job pages are correctly coded.

As soon as we heard about the new Google Jobs search, SmartSearch got the specifications for optimization & began coding our Career Center to meet the requirements for desktop and mobile searches. We can apply this upgrade to existing clients and will use the optimization for all new Career Center implementations. Existing clients must request Google Jobs optimization, and there will be a nominal fee for a website update.

Like Indeed, Google Jobs will “scrape” jobs from various sites, including employers’ web pages, as long as they’re optimized. It’s also important to note that, unlike Indeed and other meta-search engines, no one can post jobs directly to Google Jobs.

Here’s what we’ve been reading about Google Jobs:

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We noted that it might be a while before you see the Google Jobs search yourself, as Google typically rolls our new functions gradually, testing thoroughly before releasing new features worldwide.

Also, there’s been a lot of buzz about Google’s new, proprietary ATS product:

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We think that the Google Hire ATS is comparable to LinkedIn’s offering of basic ATS/CRM capabilities, as do many other HR/recruiting service providers, such as job boards, background-checking vendors, and HRIS with an ATS module.  It appears the Google Hire ATS will not work for non-G-Suite users. There are many questions about configurability or if it’s a “one size fits all” solution, if other employment documents can be stored beside resumes, what level of customer support (if any) is available, and if a customer actually “owns” the data they hold in Google’s ATS.

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While the jury’s still out on how Google Hire will fit into the ATS marketplace, we appreciate that Google recognizes the importance of talent acquisition and employment branding to businesses and expect Google Jobs will be a big hit with job seekers.