SmartSearch® 2017 Updates Include Features for Mobile Recruiting & Onboarding

OCEANSIDE, CA – October 25, 2017 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch® recruiting business software, announces updates to its Mobile App for smartphones. This upgrade is rolled out in tandem with other Q4 2017 updates including mobile enhancements to the Onboarding Portal Plus and release of the new eSignature tool SmartSign™. 

The SmartSearch® mobile application upgrade is one more advancement in a long line of mobile technology innovations. SmartSearch® customers can access the Mobile App with greater ease, and take advantage of value-added capabilities to accommodate an ever-increasing on-demand society. The Mobile App supports both staffing, business development and recruiting on-the-go with its popular click and dial, email or texting to candidates or contacts in the database. New features, also, include the ability to add notes and integrate with Google Maps for mapping addresses. The mapping feature provides a greater visual for geographic requirements on job requisitions, as well as quick access to locations and directions for recruiters and business development managers in the field. In addition, larger icons to the Style Sheets make it easier to read and select the desired options. SmartSearch® works on both iPhones and Android devices and end-users can simply access the mobile site directly, or download the app from iTunes and Google Play to their mobile devices. For SmartSearch® users who already have the Mobile App, the enhancements have been automatically configured, eliminating the need to reload or update the app.

“Our clients’ businesses demand greater efficiency at every turn. Enhancing our mobile app to satisfy an agile and on-demand work process for our end-users is an on-going priority for us in an increasingly mobile world,” says Doug Coull, CEO, APS, Inc. He further states, “We’re proud to say our customers are true partners who work with us to create the best recruiting software on the market.”

Additional updates to the SmartSearch® product, including enhancements to the popular “Express Find” feature are also slated for Q4 2017.

About SmartSearch®:  Since 1986, Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. leads the way in the development and deployment of quality talent management and recruiting software. For over three decades, SmartSearch® talent acquisition and staffing management software has been creating applicant tracking systems to streamline sourcing, recruiting and hiring in one easy-to-use solution. We help our clients to recruit at the speed of life and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing recruitment landscape. For more information visit SmartSearch.


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