Why We’re Never Satisfied With the Status Quo

We strive to disrupt the traditional norms of our industry by re-engineering innovation as a solution. We build memorable customer experiences and are proud of our philosophy to create win-win relationships.

Last year, our Version 21 upgrade created a lot of excitement among our clients who were impressed with the next-generation interface that made SmartSearch recruiting business software faster and easier to use than ever. Our v21 developments included several suggestions from clients, such as enhancements to the configurable Dashboards, the new SmartHistory for quicker navigation, and the click-saving Drag & Drop functionality. We’re always adding value to our solution!

On December 23, 2019, we added a few more new features and began rolling out updates January 2020. These updates incorporated notable suggestions from PTS Advance, who asked for enhancements to our popular Trak toolsets for Sales/CRM, Recruiting, and Onboarding – and the creation of two new Traks: ProjectTrak and CandidateTrak.

“The war for talent, combined with a shift to digitalization and on-demand delivery models, means we need to develop and curate talent pools more proactively.  We must know what candidates want, where they are, and how they are developing new talents in parallel with projecting client workforce needs. These new Traks makes it easier for our team to stay engaged and provide clients and candidates repeatable success,” said Dane Groeneveld, CEO at PTS Advance. 

A leading provider of talent-led solutions that drive cost, quality, safety, and effectiveness of new projects and operations in the Energy & Infrastructure and Life Sciences industries, PTS Advance has leveraged SmartSearch to support the growth of its organization since 2008. Over the years, we’ve partnered with PTS Advance CIO, David Stein, on a number of development initiatives to increase productivity and efficiencies through the use of technology. Working with SmartSearch CTO, LJ Morris, and the SmartSearch development team, v21.1 now includes two new Trak toolsets, the ProjectTrak to better track the sales and delivery cycle for specific projects that provide a high volume of jobs over a period of time, and the CandidateTrak to further support a passive candidate pipeline.

Both the ProjectTrak and CandidateTrak are similar to the SalesTrak for CRM and can be configured to include multiple Traks as well as task automation including emails and text messaging.

“Our clients are particularly excited about the new CandidateTrak, which allows recruiters to track a candidate’s career or professional progress outside the scope of a job,” noted SmartSearch CTO, LJ Morris. 

The SmartSearch Customer Care Manager, Debbie Sims, is presenting a free training webinar on Wednesday, February 12, at 9:00 AM pacific time for our users who want to learn how to set-up a CandidateTrak and share ideas on how this new feature can help take passive candidate sourcing and talent pipelining to a higher level. In fact, SmartSearch users are already inspired to find innovative ways to use the new CandidateTrak, from better managing college recruiting and career pathing of entry-level candidates, keeping track of mentor/mentee programs for internal recruiting, to creating hotlists of candidates based on their own career goals. 

This is the kind of Inspired Innovation that’s much more than a tagline to hang under our logo here at SmartSearch. It’s a perfect example of how we partner with our clients and draw inspiration from end-users to drive continuous product improvement and stay ahead of the curve in recruiting technology.