From the President’s Desk – April 2021

“True Partnership Matters”- Perhaps you have seen this on our website or on our digital signatures. It’s a motto that has real meaning for us. But what does that look like, and what does it mean to you, our clients, and partners?

When you succeed, we succeed!
For us, it starts with an understanding that we are ‘all’ in this together. When you succeed, we succeed, and when we are successful, it helps you be successful. When a client calls us, everyone on our team knows that helping that person on the phone goes beyond the typical client/vendor relationship. Our team understands that your success matters. It is essential, even critical to us. Are we perfect? No. Are mistakes made? Sure. But we strive every day to learn from them and to be the reliable, dependable, innovative partner that makes your life easier every day.

New Systems & Tools
So, as we look to the light at the end of the tunnel, in the crazy Covid world, we are working hard for the exciting future ahead of us. On April 2nd, after seven months of planning and preparation, we officially migrated to the Amazon cloud. While this is a significant investment of our time and capital, we chose to put our money-where-our-mouth-is to ensure you have the most scalable, robust, reliable system available.

Our new learning management system is also on the verge of release. This engaging, dynamic online learning system will help your new users get up to speed fast, and your existing team stays on top of their game. It will include quizzes and SmartSearch Certifications.

Upcoming enhancements to our OnBoarding Portal will include improved user experiences and the ability to add video content for your new employees to view.

Our new ground-up, re-designed career, manager, and vendor portals will provide convenient widgets, an open API, a robust user experience needed to attract the best candidates and keep your clients, managers, and vendors happy.

This month, we went live with our new Technical Support system, which helps us to better track and follow your requests while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Added metrics allow us to identify trends in support and requests to focus our development on areas of the most benefit to our partners.

Next Generation Software
Perhaps the most exciting news is the progress we are making on our next-generation product, “SmartSearch Plus.” We call it a Talent Engine because it will do so much more than the typical ATS system. But I will share more in future newsletters.

So, despite these challenging times, the future is bright, and we are here to help you in any way we can. We are making significant investments in your future because that is what a good partner does. We are grateful to each of our partners and appreciate the opportunity to come beside you and work with you.


LJ Morris
President & CTO