Is AI the Smart choice for you?  How AI is changing the recruiting game.

While Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time, many Recruiters and HR Managers wonder how artificial intelligence can help them in their recruitment efforts. Some even wonder if it’s real or just a buzzword!

When it comes to recruitment, Artificial Intelligence is most definitely ‘real’ and can impact your recruitment efforts in ‘real’ terms, delivering ‘real’ business value.

If you are happy with your current recruitment efforts, you may not feel you need to go down the Artificial Intelligence route. AI, however, has been shown to deliverUse AI to source candidates tangible benefits to recruiters, helping them to:

  1. Streamline the recruitment process, fill job openings faster and smarter, and subsequently reduce talent acquisition costs
  2. Reduce recruiter bias to support EEO compliance
  3. Improve Retention

If you want to know how AI, and in particular how SmartSearch’s AI Smart module can help you obtain these benefits, read on.

  1. Streamline the recruitment process and fill jobs faster and smarter

The days of sifting through stacks of cover letters and resumes are over. Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), recruiters can identify qualified candidates faster than ever before. It is through AI, however, that the real benefits are seen. 

With the addition of AI, you can now recruit both faster and smarter.

So how does AI do this?

Despite all the benefits of technology, recruiters are still an essential part of the equation. AI simply helps make the process more effective, providing recruiters with better candidate matches for the job.

Drawing on hundreds of data points, AI matches candidates with their ideal positions and positions with the ideal candidate.

For instance, using AI, you could determine whether a candidate prefers to work as a consultant or full-time employee, whether they are better suited to a larger or a smaller company, or whether a candidate is overqualified for the current role they are applying for, matching them to a more suitable role. 

Artificial Intelligence goes beyond the keywords in a resume to evaluate talent more effectively. 

These more intelligent matches provide recruiters with the data they need to make more informed, better, and faster decisions.

With a more streamlined recruitment process, recruiters have more time to develop their talent pool, engage with candidates, and manage clients. This can help improve both candidate and hiring manager satisfaction.

  1. Reduce Recruiter Bias

Despite good intentions, human beings are wired with biases in place.

Some of these biases are conscious, while others are unconscious.

Utilizing AI in the recruitment process, the system analyzes the data to determine candidates’ skills and best fit for the job, not ‘seeing’ the candidate’s gender, ethnicity, or age. This supports EEO and government regulatory compliance, saving HR departments grief when it comes to EEO audits or dispute resolution.

  1. Improve Retention

Using hundreds of data points, AI can help match the best candidate fit for a role.

The better fit a candidate, the more likely the candidate will excel in their new role and stay with the company.

Improved candidate retention rates lead to happier clients and hiring managers, and who doesn’t want that?

If you would like to see, SmartSearch’s Artificial Intelligence matching technology AI Smart in action, click here for a live demo of SmartSearch. 

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