From the President’s Desk – July 2021

Summer is here! Like much of the country, here in California, the mask restrictions have relaxed. Businesses are opening all over the state, and you can feel the excitement that maybe the worst is behind us.  

As the economy continues to recover, our streets are filled with “help needed” signs in many local businesses. Recently, I was fortunate to take a short vacation to Alaska. On one restaurant door there was a sign that said something along the lines of, “Alaska has a labor shortage, and a tourism boom, the two don’t mix, please be patient with us.”   

Reading this made me excited about what I get to do every day. For all of us in the recruiting/ staffing/ HR world, we get the privilege of helping people get jobs, helping businesses grow, and helping lives improve. Call me sentimental, but I think that is “cool”.   

As a business leader, I love it when I get to hire more people. I started my career when an IT manager took a chance and changed my life. So, the thrill of doing that for others, and being part of an industry that does that for millions, never gets old. 

Here at SmartSearch, we are geeky because we get excited when we can create better technology to help you help people get jobs. I mentioned last month that V22 is nearing completion, and one new feature that we’re especially excited about is the addition of pivot tables to various lists. Each list can be easily filtered using Excel-style pivot tables to sort on each column, which will dramatically enhance our suite of at-a-glance reporting capabilities. In turn, this will give users more flexibility to create real-time list reports on the fly. Also, it can be exported to Excel, sent to clients, or used to quickly drill into desired data sets for performance monitoring, metrics, and up-to-the-minute status of job placements in progress. 

We can’t wait to roll out this new pivot table capability, and we think it will fast become one of our most popular features. There’s much more to come, too much to mention here. Very soon, you will start to receive notifications about What’s New in Version 22, upcoming training and webinars, as well as the date you will be upgraded.    

As we go into summer, I hope you take time out to enjoy the sun, enjoy time with friends and family, and appreciate some mask-free fresh air. 

All the best,

LJ Morris
President & CTO