From the President’s Desk – May 2021

Recently I was at a San Diego landmark called Seaport Village. For the first time in over a year, I had trouble finding a parking spot, and it made me smile. Why did I smile? 18 months ago, my perspective was that I was a busy guy and needed to park ‘now’. Today, my perspective on the same situation is life is returning back to normal, which is wonderful. What a difference a shift in perspective can make on any situation.

What does this have to do with recruiting, or with business in general? For me, it has reminded me that a struggle today may be an opportunity tomorrow if you have the right perspective. 

It is a privilege knowing that each day is a chance to learn, to grow, to improve, regardless of what else is happening. How can you not be excited about what the future will bring when you take this perspective?

Here are some of the new things coming that will have you excited about the future of SmartSearch and our partnership together.

  1. Our new WordPress career center and accompanying widgets are now complete, and we are about to roll these out. This includes a new talent portal for time collection, account maintenance, AI-based auto-matching, and more.
  2. Our move to the AWS cloud platform is providing big performance boosts for our clients.
  3. With an updated User Interface, improved document management, pivot-style look-ups on most lists, and much more is just about complete.
  4. Many new integrations, such as the VMS job importing tool Job-Robotics, free organic job postings on LinkedIn’s and Monster’s job boards, our updated Everify integration, and many more.
  5. Improved resume extraction for not only US resumes, but for resumes around the world.
  6. Our new Interactive Learning System will help keep your team at their best and getting the most out of your investment.

There are a lot of exciting things happening. Still, the most exciting part of this incredible journey for us is the privilege we have of working with so many amazing clients and companies as we strive to make SmartSearch the best it can be year after year.

That is a perspective I hope to never lose sight of.

All the best,

LJ Morris
President & CTO