Career Fairs & Events

The articles in this category revolve around creating successful recruiting events that bring the best candidates possible into your recruiting database.

Feature Image: SIA Executive Forum 2024: Leadership in a Time of Turbulence
During the last week of March, industry leaders and professionals gathered at the...
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Early-Career Engagement practices for recruiters.
In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, organizations continually seek ways to engage and attract younger generations through early-career engagement strategies. Gen Z workers are different from previous generations when it comes to joining the workforce. The old methods of engaging employees don’t work well with them. Recruiters must use new methods and systems to...
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Insights from the ASA’s Staffing World Conference 2021: Better Together – Stronger Together. Join us as we talk through the key takeaways from the year’s event. Don’t panic if you could not attend the recent American Staffing Agency’s Staffing World Conference for 2021. We have all the insights from this year’s conference. Join Bill Inman,...
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conferences build brand awareness for recruiters
I attended the ERE Conference in Orlando this week and is specific to people in recruiting and talent acquisition. It was enlightening and provided attendees access to exhibitors and speakers. My single-day pass on Tuesday provided me with a day full of roundtable discussions, short talks with people sharing personal experiences on failures and what...
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get better results from career fairs with SmartSearch
I work with organizations that want to Recruit, Onboard, and Retain Top Talent.  As a professional recruiter since 1981, I have worked close to 300 Career Fairs; and spoken formally prior to the Career Fair at many of them to groups of candidates on Getting the Most Out of a Career Fair. The purpose of...
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