Your recruiting efforts and your marketing should work hand in hand with one another.  However, most companies, whether professional recruiting firms or corporate employers, tend to miss the mark on adequately intertwining their marketing and hiring efforts.  SmartSearch’s marketing resources are curated around properly incorporating automated marketing functions into your hiring and onboarding process.

Recruiter business development tool by SmartSearch Inc.
Juggling multiple responsibilities is a daily norm for recruiters. But, more often than not, recruiters must wear two hats – that of a skilled salesperson, generating revenue for their employer, and that of a meticulous talent scout, identifying the perfect candidates for their clients. Striking the right balance between these dual roles is crucial for...
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Use this one question to increase redeployment rate
When recruiting temporary or contingent labor, you need to build strong relationships with candidates. In a landscape where talent is constantly on the move, building relationships is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity. Before the end of a successful assignment or placement, a recruiter needs to ask one important question. “What do you want...
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How to properly reject candidates as a recruiter
As a recruiter, the greatest day is finding an A-player candidate ready and motivated to take the next step in their career.  The worst day is when you have invested time and effort in preparing a candidate for an interview, only to have them come back and tell you they want the role. You feel...
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Early-Career Engagement practices for recruiters.
In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, organizations continually seek ways to engage and attract younger generations through early-career engagement strategies. Gen Z workers are different from previous generations when it comes to joining the workforce. The old methods of engaging employees don’t work well with them. Recruiters must use new methods and systems to...
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SmartSearch helps increase redeployment rates for recruiters
First things first, there are two definitions for “redeploy” when it comes to hiring candidates and employees. Within a recruiting or staffing firm, redeploy would refer to one candidate completing multiple assignments for multiple clients. Within a corporate or in-house instance, redeploy would refer to hiring an employee to another department when their position is...
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SmartTips for why recruiters should use success profiles
Many recruiters and hiring managers must structure their search for long-term success when placing candidates in direct or temp-to-hire positions.  Why?  Because they structure their candidate search strictly around the job description, leaving out one crucial factor: a Success Profile. What is a Success Profile?  A “Success Profile” is a list of candidate qualifications for...
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Instructions for how to create effective candidate spotights
In today’s competitive job market, recruiters must play two critical roles to ensure success.  Attract top candidates and market those candidates to clients and other potential employers.  Luckily, achieving these goals does not require doubling their workload.  How?  By employing a marketing strategy that uses candidate spotlighting, recruiters can effectively market their current candidate roster...
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Improve your employer branding with SmartSearch
In the realm of recruitment, first impressions matter immensely.  A firm handshake has long been regarded as a symbolic gesture of confidence, professionalism, and mutual respect.  However, there are occasions when a handshake can go awry, leaving a negative impact and ending a new relationship quickly. Metaphorically, your employer brand is your company’s handshake.  And...
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recruiting is just another form of marketing
Successful recruiting is all about marketing.  Does that statement seem false to you?  It is understandable that you’d think that.  After all, marketing is concerned with attracting customers to your brand, while recruiting is concerned with finding the best people to work with your organization.  But the fact is that successful recruitment strategies can no...
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Why re-write your job descriptions
Since the Age of the Internet, job requirements and qualifications have become more extensive. Nowadays, many job descriptions no longer reflect the actual duties of the role. Consequently, a prospective candidate may not know what to expect in the day-to-day work. This was the topic of an insightful podcast hosted by iMPact Business Group, a strategic...
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