This past week, SmartSearch had the opportunity to exhibit at the American Staffing Associations Annual Staffing World Conference in Las Vegas. It was packed full of familiar faces and informative matters. We could tell everyone was happy to be back to a semi-normal life following the pandemic, and we enjoyed meeting new people, saying hi to friends and colleagues, and learning about some of the most important topics about our industry.

Leading up to the show, we were very excited to be showcasing our latest innovative version of our product’s long 35 years plus history and introducing our newest team member, CEO Erik Enright, to the attendees. Staffing World started with a bang, with legendary Laker and incredible businessman Magic Johnson taking the stage for an incredible opening keynote. He did a great job painting his history and how his choices, even at a young age, transformed his life, for better or worse. While he’s had a lot of success, he made an expensive decision in his younger NBA years when he turned down a stock option in Nike for Converse. I feel like we can all relate to a misstep like this (maybe not this large), but how hindsight is 20-20, we need to make the most conscious and appropriate decision with the information we have on hand.

This year’s Staffing World had an 80’s theme, and everyone had a wonderful time taking in the decor. We entered the Bingo prize program, which was an excellent opportunity to start conversations with attendees to fill out their cards. They even had classic arcade games like Galaga and Pac-Man available to play; I’ll get you someday high score.

Some of the biggest takeaways our team walked away from were related to connectivity between systems and having tools that build a robust technology stack. In today’s environment, there is a tool or software for almost every aspect of day-to-day activities, and it’s imperative that they talk to each other. Some of the main reasons are that information is shared across the platforms to reduce multiple entries and streamline a lot of manual processes. The backbone of this interconnectivity is API callouts. Having a vendor with an open API and the resources to explore new integrations to your preferred technology is imperative to take your business to the next level. Here at SmartSearch, we’ve opened our API for our clients to connect to their preferred vendors and finalized a connection to Zapier, which already has thousands of integrations in place. It’s just another way we stay on top of new industry trends and give our clients a competitive advantage.

Overall, the show was a huge success and a great place to reconnect with old friends and create new lasting relationships. ASA always does a fantastic job of bringing the community together and proving why they are a top leader in our industry. SmartSearch is happy to announce our latest upgrades, but we are happier to demonstrate them for you live.  Schedule A Demo