Webinar Recap and Recording: Uncovering Talent In The Deep Web

On Wednesday, March 27, SmartSearch sponsored a webinar for clients and others interested in learning how to use the deep web to uncover information and data about people when sourcing. Presenter Shally Steckerl discussed the various techniques and methodologies people can use as part of their sourcing and recruiting strategy.

To begin, information and data that is hidden and inaccessible through standard web browsers are considered part of the Deep Web and this is just the tip of the iceberg. By contrast, the Surface Web is the sites people visit on a normal basis and have no issues accessing. In reality, the Deep Web is actually larger in capacity than the surface web and contains infinitely more information, but the information found here is generally protected, requiring passwords and / or registrant accessibility. What makes the Deep Web so hard to crack is that the customary web crawlers and spider technologies used by Google, Yahoo and Bing, for example, are not able to gather this deep information because they cannot index and search the data found here when people use the standard and customary search methods.

However, guest presenter Shally Steckerl explained how the information found in the deep web can be accessed using techniques like peer regression searches, creative Boolean search strings, along with video searches, blog post, and social media comments and more. To access the presentation, click here.

Additionally, on March 7, Shally conducted an advanced training workshop at SourceU Hawaii which outlined best practices when using technology, social media, along with a variety of Boolean search techniques sourcers and recruiters need for finding top talent. 

As a bonus, all webinar registrants will receive a 30% discount on any future training conducted by Shally Steckerl. Contact your SmartSearch rep today to receive your discount code, then go to the TSI website and select from any of the online training courses or webinars. 

SmartSearch is the proud sponsor of SmartPractices webinars in our series of best practices webinars for the HR, recruiting and staffing communities.