Building Credentialing Into Your Recruitment Automation

There are many professional roles that require certifications and credentials, so it is imperative that, as a recruiter, you can verify and keep track of these certifications. When recruiting for roles in the healthcare industry, manufacturing industry, insurance industry, and real estate industry, a candidate’s credentials play a crucial role in determining their suitability for the job.

These industries require individuals with specific knowledge, skills, and qualifications to effectively meet the demands and challenges they present.

In the healthcare industry, for example, credentials such as medical degrees, specialized training, and certifications are highly valued. Employers seek candidates who have completed medical school, residency programs, and have acquired relevant certifications in their area of expertise. These credentials demonstrate that the candidate has the necessary medicalDocument Management Solutions by SmartSearch. knowledge and skills to provide quality patient care.

Similarly, in the manufacturing industry, credentials such as engineering degrees, certifications in specific manufacturing processes, and experience with industry-specific software and machinery are highly sought after. These credentials indicate that the candidate possesses the technical know-how and expertise required to excel in a manufacturing environment.

In the insurance industry, credentials such as licenses, certifications in insurance underwriting or claims management, and a strong understanding of insurance policies and regulations are essential. These credentials demonstrate that the candidate is well-versed in insurance practices and can effectively assess risks, manage claims, and provide accurate advice to clients.

In the real estate industry, credentials such as real estate licenses, certifications in property management or real estate finance, and knowledge of local housing markets are vital. These credentials show that the candidate has the necessary legal and financial knowledge to assist clients in buying, selling, and renting properties while navigating the complexities of the real estate market.

Employers in these industries place a significant emphasis on credentials as they provide tangible evidence of a candidate’s expertise and competence. They serve as a benchmark for assessing a candidate’s qualifications and potential to succeed in their respective roles. Candidates with strong credentials are more likely to stand out among their competitors and be considered for job opportunities in these industries.

Recruiting teams and hiring managers need to guarantee that the candidates they’re hiring for these roles have all their necessary certifications and are following credentialing requirements. Having an ATS that can keep track of this for recruiting teams while helping to avoid errors and get more candidates hired.

Building a solid credentialing process within your recruitment automation can save you time – which is always a recruiter’s greatest asset. Choosing technology that can automate your credentialing process can make a major difference in your success as an organization. By Building credentialing into your recruitment automation, you can assure your clients and hiring managers, give your recruiters less room for error, and supply more candidates with jobs quickly.

Proper storage of documents in your database

Properly storing these documents in your database, especially for medical professionals, is incredibly important for several reasons.

  1. These documents often have confidential information on your candidates. People want to know their information stays private and is stored in a secure database; increase your candidate pool and reputation by ensuring these individuals your platform is secure.
  2. Ensuring these certifications and credentials are up to date. While some certifications are only required to be obtained once, many expire, and you’ll need to ensure these are renewed when necessary.
  3. That your documents are accurately and securely signed. SmartSearch’s SmartSign feature is the perfect tool for healthcare professionals to upload and sign quickly and securely.

Credentialing automation helps build better candidate engagement

Having great candidate engagement makes you stand out as a recruiter and as an organization. Whether you are a company looking to hire internally or a recruitment firm looking to hire credentialed professionals, your candidate experience and engagement reputation is critical. When candidates know you have a reputation for an efficient process, security, and excellent communication, more will want to work with you or for you.

When other companies are looking to hire credentialed professionals who know of this reputation (and that you are likely working with top credentialed talent), they’ll also want to work with you more. Credentialing automation will not only help you build a better candidate experience, but it will help your business overall.
Create smarter recruiting practices with SmartSearch

SmartSearch is more than just an ATS – we provide a secure document management platform and credentialing software that assist many different industries with process automation. Being organized and accurate is key to a smarter recruiting practice – SmartSearch is that key. Our product tracks all of your recruiting activity and can securely keep confidential documents for your candidates that require right credentials.. SmartSearch’s SmartSign gives your candidates a secure platform to upload and verify their well-earned credentials. SmartSearch’s product gives you the platform to keep track, organize, and verify pertinent credentialing.

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