Four Benefits to Integrating Background Screenings with Recruiting Software

To mitigate risk and protect a company’s core assets, background screenings have become a ubiquitous part of the hiring process. However, outsourcing these screenings can be time-consuming for both your staff and candidates, delaying the time it takes to fill open positions. Because shortening time-to-hire creates a competitive advantage for your company, it’s a wise business practice to integrate background screening services with your recruiting software. Here are four advantages of integrated background screening services.

  • Improve hiring efficiencies

If background screenings are kept separate from the rest of the hiring process, it creates a significant backlog of administrative tasks. It would require careful management of consent forms, informational sheets, and invoicing vendors. However, through integrating background screenings into your recruiting software, you may execute these steps automatically. For example, Verified First’s integration with SmartSearch makes it possible to request a background screening on a candidate in just a few clicks.

  • Improve the candidate experience and simplify documentation

Without background screening integration, it takes additional time to clear candidates and places an extra layer of work on your candidates. Because candidates would need to re-enter duplicate information, it creates an administrative burden that makes a poor impression of your company and employment brand.

In contrast, having integrated screening streamlines the hiring process, cutting back on candidate paperwork, duplicate data entry, and other associated errors. Once you’ve decided to move forward with a candidate, you may simplify the process by allowing them to review the background check disclosure online and sign electronically. This could save several days in the hiring process, which is why Verified First makes this feature available for clients who use our integrated screening tools.

  •  Mitigate risk and legal liability through centralizing FCRA compliance

 When conducting background screenings, it’s critical to ensure the process is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This requires written permission from a candidate to conduct background screening. This also requires the employer to follow adverse action procedures when using information from the background report to decline a job offer. When taking adverse action, companies are legally required to send a pre-adverse action letter with a copy of the report and a copy of A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act so the candidate may contest any information in the report that may be inaccurate. In addition to these requirements, there are several other state laws that may affect the screening process for your company.

Through integrating background screening with your recruiting software you can centralize your compliance information. You also add an extra layer of protection mitigates risk from lawsuits and audits. Verified First’s integrated solutions make the compliance process easier and are designed to help users meet FCRA requirements.

  • Track progress of your hiring process and easily manage results

 To maintain a consistent talent pipeline that meets your company’s needs, it’s important to track every stage of the hiring process. Integrated background checks allow you to quickly confirm if a screening request for a candidate has been ordered and completed. Furthermore, this can be managed online with the information easily accessible in a candidate’s file.

Verified First not only provides these features but also makes it easy for a company to customize their screening tools to meet specific needs. For example, our software allows users to self-administer through creating and deleting users or packages, saving them time through being able to accomplish these tasks independently of a support team.

Give Your Business a Competitive Advantage—Integrate Background Screening Tools with SmartSearch

Although integrating background screening tools with recruiting software is a valuable long-term investment, in most cases, it takes between four to six weeks and hundreds of dollars to complete this process. Because this lag time can delay your ability to fill open positions, Verified First’s patent-pending technology shortens this integration time to within minutes, and best of all it’s provided free of charge.

We’ve partnered with SmartSearch to make this integration process as easy as possible. In fact, LJ Morris, CTO of SmartSearch’s parent company, APS, Inc. said:

“Our integration with Verified First is one of the most hassle-free integrations we have ever done. It works well, works fast, and can be enabled within minutes. Although we always maintain neutrality when it comes to recommending partners we’ve added Verified First to our partner list because believe our clients will appreciate the value of their background screening solution.”

If you’d like to build your team without any system downtime or costs from a lengthy integration process, click here to learn more.