SmartSearch’s New Offering: Website Hosting & Design Services

SmartSearch New Website Hosting & Design Services Offerings

SmartSearch is ecstatic to announce a new product and service, a WordPress job plug-in, website hosting, and web design service, which will be available as of July 2021.

These features will boost the ability of clients to create a seamless UX for candidates, from discovering the job post, uploading a resume, all the way to submitting it with an application.

If your website is currently hosted on WordPress, this new plug-in will be a great compliment to your site. You can populate what fields are searchable, format the search and results page, the job details page, what fields display in the results page, and what the application page looks like, providing flexibility to tailor to potential candidates.

“We noticed that our clients that use WordPress may not always have the available resources to format or customize pages the way they want to for their candidates. Therefore, we want to include this feature to any client as an optional resource,” said LJ Morris, President & CTO at SmartSearch.

In addition to this, SmartSearch is offering new WordPress hosting and design services hosted on its Amazon Workspace (AWS) platform. With over a dozen templates to choose from, clients can easily change and customize the way their job posts, results, and application pages look and feel for their candidates.

For custom designs, SmartSearch provides UX and UI experts who will work with you in creating your desired template, and they will help you learn how to manage your content. Available for a low monthly fee, clients gain access to templates, custom designs, and experts as valuable resources.

“With the constant changes going on, especially with Covid-19, getting access to templates and custom design work done quickly can be costly. We want to provide flexibility, making it easy and affordable for our clients to provide customized experiences for their ideal candidates, from the search results page to the offer letter,” said Morris.