Artificial intelligence is taking over the World, and having an impact on everything in business. Many thought leaders and pundits have come out with information, opinions, and speculation. Artificial intelligence is the buzzword du jour on social channels, and online communities everywhere, and new sourcing tools that leverage this technology are changing the way recruiters find top talent.

To keep you on the cutting-edge, we invite you to join us at our next Smart Practices webinar on May 22, 2018, when Justin Turner, AVP National Sales from Arya, a Leoforce company discusses, “Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting: The Future is Now.” Join us to find out how AI provides that extra insight you need to make the best talent selections.

A recent article in TalentCulture noted: “AI is projected to catapult from a $643.7 million market today to $36.8 billion by 2025. Bersin by Deloitte calls it one of the ten major trends changing everything about how we build and manage the world of work. It’s becoming an incredibly powerful tool for recruiting, though not always understood.”

There are several compelling reasons why human resources and recruiting professionals are scrambling to learn more about how this is impacting our industry:

—AI candidate sourcing tools are non-discriminatory by race, age, gender, and have no unconscious bias. AI levels the playing field for qualified candidates because it does not profile people using this kind of data.

—AI never sleeps. Searches can be run automatically 24/7/365 on a set schedule to import high-quality candidates into an applicant tracking system database.

—AI works well for large staffing agencies and RPOs, as well as large corporate employers with dedicated sourcing teams. AI tools can sift through high volumes of information and identify the most qualified candidates based on a wide variety of specifications, qualifications, and preferences that fit the employer’s geographic and cultural demographics.

—AI search and sourcing tools allow for a high level of configurability and flexibility.

—AI is scary-smart because it LEARNS what the preferred criteria are; the more it’s used, the smarter it gets. As users indicate what they “like,” artificial intelligence uses the feedback to fine-tune search criteria and continuously improve results.

SmartSearch is keeping our customers ahead of the trends in AI, including adding new integrations with Ayra, a Leoforce Company, and Pocket Recruiter, and working in partnership with our clients to find ways to leverage this exciting technology for business development and staffing. SmartSearch users can harness the power of AI to identify high-quality candidates through machine learning, advanced auto-matching, big data and a host of other tools and options designed to streamline or automate parts of the recurring work processes, especially administrative and high-volume, time-consuming tasks.

SmartSearch AI Smart Call to Action

For example, here’s how the Arya AI platform integrates with SmartSearch:

—Arya pulls jobs from SmartSearch, analyzes the job description and requirements to create a search automatically against AI data points to define the ideal hire. This includes identifying companies, industries, keywords, job functions, and other datasets.

—Arya can search an ATS database first and then other sources, but it can also search them all at the same time if that is the recruiter’s preference. It’s important to note that Arya is not searching for RESUMES, it sources from social channels, university websites, company sites, online communities and virtually wherever people can be found across the internet universe.

—The Arya defined datasets can be edited and adjusted by the recruiter, and recruiters can also give a “thumbs up” called a Shortlist or give a “thumbs down” to Ignore candidate profiles within the system.

—Search results are filtered by rating the best matches, and even ranks candidates by how likely the individual might be inclined to make a career move. Search results may be imported into SmartSearch using push criteria, for example, selecting a shortlist of specific candidates along with available contact info. The source is hyperlinked to the candidate profile for reporting.

Predictive algorithms, analytics, and machine learning are quickly rising to the top as tools-of-choice to identify desired candidates. Organizations are using AI to assess human qualities that range from word usage and micro-expressions to emotional intelligence and the intonation of social media updates.

To learn more, SmartSearch is attending the upcoming California Staffing Professionals Conference where AI is the theme for 2018. We’ll be at booth #14. See you there?


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