Unleashing the Power of Modern Staffing Tools for Staffing Agencies

Believe it or not, some staffing and recruitment agencies are still using an Excel document to keep track of their candidates, clients, hires, and billing. While Excel will always be a useful tool, there are much better platforms out there now for staffing companies. There are countless recruiting software services, such as Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Candidate Engagement Systems to choose from, but having one that meets your unique team’s needs is essential to your organization. A solid ATS will have modern staffing tools that meet your organization’s and recruiter’s needs. Some staffing software solutions that recruiters find valuable are:

  • Texting
  • Gross Margin Calculator
  • percentage-of-companies-investing-in-modern-staffing-technologyAI
  • Automation
  • E-Verify
  • Electronic signatures
  • Video Interviews

How Modern Staffing Tools Have Changed the Interview Process

When you normally think of an interview process, you think about getting dressed in your best professional attire, heading into the office of your potential new employer, and sitting down in a large conference room for your interview (or multiple interviews). With modern staffing tools, candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers can interview from anywhere via a video communication platform and keep their sweatpants on (we still highly suggest dressing to impress from the waist up).

Another form of video interview is the pre-recorded interview. While this modern tool is up for debate, you can’t deny that this form of initial interview makes sense in some industries and roles. Companies can speed up the hiring process by scheduling interview administered by their own candidates in real time, which can simplify the lives of recruiters and candidates. If a candidate has a more restricted schedule because they’re currently employed, then they can interview at any time, the same with recruiters. They can watch these interviews at a convenient time in their day rather than having to push out an interview because schedules are not aligning.

Electronic Verification

The modern staffing tool of electronic signatures has been a major game changer in the staffing world. Many staffing firms require documents to be signed for them to represent a candidate. With electronic signatures, this process has been streamlined, allowing candidates to be placed in a role much quicker.

Electronic verification is used in many other ways within the hiring realm. With our world becoming more and more remote, candidates can now electronically sign offer letters, certifications, NDAs, and more. Another major game changer is E-Verify for I-9s and similar documents. If you’ve worked within a staffing agency, you know the headaches that I-9s can cause, and now modern staffing tools have been able to make this process simpler, streamlined, and secure.


Having a solid Applicant Tracking System and CRM in place can greatly enhance the automation capabilities of the various tools in your recruitment tech stack, enabling businesses to efficiently manage their recruitment processes, from a job posting to the time when a candidate is selected or hired. 

Communication is usually the #1 aspect recruiters want to be able to automate the candidate experience – no, not take personalization out of the recruitment process – but to be able to find the best candidate for a new role as quickly as possible and stay in touch with candidates. Recruiters make sure each candidate they’re working with is updated on their current recruitment process, and for some recruiters, this could be many candidates.

Modern staffing tools have introduced sms texting, emailing, and social media automation. Automating communication is a valuable staffing agency software because it helps hold recruiters accountable for keeping candidates informed, reaching as many candidates as possible for a particular role, and ensuring recruiters aren’t forgetting key steps within the interviewing or onboarding process. SmartSearch’s unique “SmartTraks” and onboarding portal offer automated communication for follow-up and documentation that is powered by candidate data.  This helps ensure that the  candidates are considered and/or hired for a particular role based solely on their qualifications.  

The AI Conversation

Recruiting Artificial Intelligence has quickly become the topic of conversation in the world of talent acquisition. AI as an advanced technology that has revolutionized the field of recruitment. AI has emerged as a great modern staffing tool with its numerous applications and capabilities. One of the most impressive features of AI, particularly for recruiters, is its powerful matching capabilities.

Traditionally, recruiters had to manually sift through hundreds or even thousands of resumes to find suitable candidates for a job opening. This process was time-consuming and prone to human errors and biases. However, with the advent of AI, recruiters now have access to sophisticated algorithms and machine learning models that can analyze resumes and identify the best matches for a particular job position.

Every recruiter has felt the pain of finding a perfect candidate for a role that is not available, but with AI matching, the opportunity to find a similar candidate has become much easier. You can match a candidate to another candidate, and AI can also match candidates to a particular job. This makes getting started on a new search much easier for recruiters.


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The Cost of Modern Staffing Tools

After discussing modern staffing tools, we also need to acknowledge the cost of all these tools. ATS systems will vary widely in cost, but before you think you’re getting a good deal, ensure you know what is included in that ATS.  SmartSearch’s platform has an ATS within, but we are so much more than that. Think about all the tools you want first…

  • Texting automation software: can cost $150 per month per user.
  • Email automation: can cost anywhere from $5 – $100 per month. With increases based on the number of emails or active contacts.
  • Electronic, secure document signing can cost anywhere from $15 – $50 per month per user
  • AI sourcing tools: can cost anywhere from $60 – $1000 per month per user.

These are just some modern staffing tools that you need to have a strategic recruitment process, so when selecting an ATS and comparing prices – think of all that is actually included in your price.

With SmartSearch, we offer our AI tool, texting and email automation, SmartSign (electronic, secure signing), onboarding portal, hiring manager portal, gross margin calculator, and more all included in the price you are quoted.  Find your price here. 


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