First things first, there are two definitions for “redeploy” when it comes to hiring candidates and employees.

  • Within a recruiting or staffing firm, redeploy would refer to one candidate completing multiple assignments for multiple clients.
  • Within a corporate or in-house instance, redeploy would refer to hiring an employee to another department when their position is no longer needed at a company.

In either case, redeployment with candidates and employees will build rapport, create a positive professional relationship, and make hiring simpler. In the in-house sense, when you offer an employee another position within the company, it shows that you care and know they have value in your company. This will reduce turnover within your organization, which makes for a better company and future hiring easier as potential employees will be attracted by tenured employees.

Companies with great redeployment rates prioritize candidate engagement

If you were a contractor, wouldn’t you like to hear a recommendation for a recruitment firm based on them having a great redeployment rate with their candidates? The more you’re able to redeploy candidates, the better yourRedeployment Rate Increase for SmartSearch Users. reputation is going to be for top contracting talent. This also makes recruiting professionals’ lives easier. The best-selling point to a client is, “Our candidate, Jane, has successfully completed 10 assignments with other clients that all gave her an excellent satisfaction rate.” Everyone loves a good testimonial. Your new client can feel more confident knowing that Jane completed 10 digital marketing assignments for your top clients; now, you have a happy candidate and happy client.

If you want better redeployment rates, start by keeping your information accurate and up to date

One of the most important steps of redeployment is having accurate and detailed information on your candidates. A top-notch Applicant Tracking System ATS (and a great note-taker) will help you with this. SmartSearch offers a wide variety of note types within the platform to stay organized and detailed. As a great recruiter, you should try to know as much about your candidate’s skillset as possible. The more detailed information you have on your candidate, the more possible roles you could submit them to that align with their skill set.

This also means that after each assignment they’re on, you should be asking if they’ve learned anything new from this role and taking detailed notes when doing so. Did they learn new software? Work in a new industry? This could all add to your ability to redeploy them.

Additionally, you want to keep information on why their assignment ended accurate. If another recruiter in your firm wants to place this candidate, you want to make sure there isn’t just an end date with a blank reasoning for why their contract ended. Do your candidates and team members justice by saving them time and tracking all the details on why. SmartSearch’s product can be configured to require a detailed “termed” reason so you can avoid human error and always keep detailed notes.

Set up automation to monitor changes in your candidate profiles

Another way to stay up to date on your candidates is scheduling check-ins. SmartSearch offers automated reminders and communication to follow up with your candidates whether they are on assignment or waiting for their next one. This will help enhance your redeployment process. With SmartSearch, you can schedule text and/or email reminders to yourself and your candidates to check-in.


If placing temporary or contract staff, be sure to notate key dates

The most ideal way to redeploy your candidates (especially from your candidate’s end) is to have an assignment ready when one ends. Let’s say you have a client that calls in 2 weeks before a project starts, you get the details and know that Jane, who is on assignment currently, would be a perfect match. Keeping accurate track of potential end dates could give you the opportunity, in this instance, to tell your client about Jane and how successful she’s been for your firm. Now you’ve filled a role within seconds just because you took a few extra minutes out of your day to check-in with your client and candidate on timing and dates of their project.

Improve hiring automation and Engagement with SmartTraks by SmartSearch

Be sure to connect with candidates using multiple communication channels

In the 21st century, we have countless forms of communication now. A phone call, text message, email, direct message… there are many ways that you can stay in touch with your candidates. (Just remember to keep detailed notes of this communication) One thing that your candidates will appreciate is asking them what their preferred form of communication is. Maybe Jane is in a role where she can’t always answer a phone call, or she’s not someone to check her personal email daily – knowing this could be the difference between getting in touch with her in 10 minutes or 10 hours. Asking your candidates how they prefer to be contacted can alleviate many issues for you – especially if you have an immediate request from a client for a new project that Jane is perfect for.

Check in on your top candidates from time to time

Maybe it’s been a dry spell for digital marketing requests (unlikely…), so you haven’t placed Jane on a new contract in 3 months. Just because your recruiting team hasn’t been able to redeploy Jane or had a request for her skillset doesn’t mean one couldn’t come up at any time. When you have an A-Player like Jane, schedule candidate experience check-ins to see if she’s available or when she will be available for redeployment with one of your other clients.

Build a database of A-Players with SmartSearch

In SmartSearch, you can build a folder for any purpose, whether it be for a specific job, a specific skill set, or just your folder of A-Players. If you have candidates that you often redeploy in your most repeated roles, you should create a folder of these candidates to streamline your candidate engagement and redeployment process. Having a variety of folders here can make a recruiter’s job easier and allow them to fill a role with speed. This will help you create a strategic redeployment process, keep your candidates happy, and keep your clients satisfied.  

Get in touch today and find out how SmartSearch can help your staffing firm increase their redeployment rate.

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