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outsource your recruiting and hiring process with Smart Software

Smart Tips for Outsourcing the Recruiting and Hiring Process

Need to do some hiring? No matter the size or industry of your company, you could find value in outsourcing...
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SmartSearch wins award for Top HR Tech Solutions Provider 2023

SmartSearch® Named 2023 Top HR Technology Provider

Tustin, CA – June 9, 2023 – SmartSearch Inc. proudly announces its inclusion as a Top HR Tech Solution for...
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Create a strong candidate database with SmartSearch

The Key to Recruitment Success is a Strong Candidate Database

Have you ever found yourself with a fantastic job opportunity for a rockstar candidate, but that candidate never applies? Or...
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Improve your employer branding with SmartSearch

How Companies Can Create a Better Employer Brand

In the realm of recruitment, first impressions matter immensely.  A firm handshake has long been regarded as a symbolic gesture...
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Better onboarding practices with SmartSearch helps retain top talent.

A Process for Implementing Better Onboarding Practices

What do hiring managers want? There are countless answers, but we can all agree on a few: obtaining top talent,...
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Six steps to facilitate GDPR-Compliant recruiting by SmartSearch

Six Steps to Facilitate GDPR-Compliant Recruiting

As of January 2023, European data regulators have issued a record €2.92 billion in fines for 2022. This is a...
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The Formula for Great Job Descriptions

The Formula for Great Job Descriptions

Hiring professionals are often placed in a challenging position.  They must find the best talent for their company or client...
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Create a better hiring process with cross-team collaboration strategies

Unleashing the Power of Smart Cross-Team Collaboration

Cross-team collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters is essential for talent acquisition success. Today, recruiting and retaining great employees is...
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implement these 7 best practices when using an ATS

7 Best Practices for Improving Your Recruitment with an ATS

To properly use your applicant tracking system (ATS), it’s important to align your recruiting, candidate sourcing, and hiring practices with...
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Smart Inclusion episode build better initiatives with DEI

Employee Empowerment through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

Use employee empowerment to build a more engaged, diverse and inclusive workplace.  We’re in the middle of a change in...
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recruiting is just another form of marketing

Adapting 6 Marketing Tools for Recruiters

Successful recruiting is all about marketing.  Does that statement seem false to you?  It is understandable that you’d think that. ...
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build better recruiting using skill matching backed by AI

Building Skill Matching into Your Recruiting Process 

An effective Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy for staffing solutions requires more than just a personalized candidate experience. Employer...
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why employers should build a neuro-inclusive workplace

The Benefits of a Neuro-Inclusive Workplace

Guess what? We are all neurodiverse.  Some people think fast, and others think slow. Each of us sees the world...
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An Authentic DEI Initiative Starts with Onboarding

Effective DEI initiatives require actions that prioritize diversity in hiring and taking measurable steps to create employment equity in an...
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pay transparency compliance with SmartSearch

SmartSearch Helps Employers Stay Compliant with California’s Pay Transparency Law

With the May 10, 2023, deadline for California employers to submit their pay data reports under the updated SB-1162, some...
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recruiting automation with SmartSearch ATS

New Trends in Automation of the Recruiting Process

When you think about recruiting automation, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? ATS Software? Onboarding software? Artificial Intelligence?...
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conversational AI is making a splash in recruiting

Smart Ways to Incorporate Conversational AI Into Your Recruiting

While using Artificial Intelligence in talent acquisition is not new, as of February 2023 will be a monumental year for...
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DEI assessment and training materials

Training and Assessment Tips for DEI Program Success

In last month’s Smart Inclusion video conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion we discussed how to turn these Nouns into...
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5 ATS statistics every hiring professional should know.

5 Statistics For Why You Need an Applicant Tracking System

The use of an applicant tracking system is becoming increasingly popular among employers as they effectively streamline the hiring and recruitment...
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Build a better employee value proposition with SmartSearch Inc.

How to Build a Better Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

How to build the right employee value proposition Employment branding is no different than marketing in that it’s all about...
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Smart Inclusion: Diversity In Practice

  Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at USA Swimming, Leland Brown III talks with Sylvia Dahlby, DE&I Champion at...
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Right to Represent (RTR) in the Age of Automation

Right Represent (RTR) documents are a powerful tool for professional recruiters.  But, staffing industry professionals who use Vendor Management Systems...
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Smart Inclusion: Are We There Yet? A Review of DEI Progress

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Are we there yet? My personal journey on the road to social justice began in the...
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where do we go from here with DEI initiatives

Smart Inclusion: Where Do We Go From Here?

In 2022, I led a research project on how SmartSearch technology can help advocate diversity outreach in recruiting, and hiring....
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SmartSearch Announces the Opening of Cleveland Office

SmartSearch Inc. Announces Opening of New Cleveland Office

SmartSearch Inc. Announces Opening of New Cleveland Office   Tustin, CA-01/09/2023 – SmartSearch Inc., a leader in applicant tracking software,...
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Why re-write your job descriptions

Time to Re-Write Your Job Descriptions

Since the Age of the Internet, job requirements and qualifications have become more extensive. Nowadays, many job descriptions no longer...
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SHRM-Hawaii State Cofernce Change Management

Change Management Means: Respect. Trust. Compassion.

SHRM Hawaii State Conference explores change management in turbulent times. On Friday, October 14, SHRM Hawaii hosted its first in-person State...
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SmartSearch 2022 Staffing World Convention Recap

Staffing World 2022 Recap

This past week, SmartSearch had the opportunity to exhibit at the American Staffing Associations Annual Staffing World Conference in Las Vegas. It...
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diversity, equity, and inclusion that works for companies

Smart Inclusion: Diversity That Works

SmartSearch’s DE&I Champion, Sylvia Dahlby talks with Roger Simmons, president and Chief Operating Officer of Crossinculture, a consulting firm with extensive experience...
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Smart Inclusion: Upskilling with Accessible Design for People with Disabilities

In this video conversation on solutions for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in the workplace, Sylvia Dahlby, DE&I Champion at SmartSearch,...
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