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drive candidates away

Scary Things Staffing Recruiters Do to Drive Great Candidates Away

Ever been ghosted by a candidate? It’s a “new normal” in staffing – and it’s extremely frustrating. Viable candidates seem...
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be active and present when showing appreciation

Showing Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Showing appreciation for what I have plays an important role in my life and business. I have the good fortune...
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using niche marketing channels in your recruiting with SmartSearch.

How Niche Sites are Changing Social Media Recruiting

How Niche Sites are Changing Social Media Recruiting Utilizing social media websites has long been a popular recruitment method. Social...
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Intelligent business decisions for hiring software.

The Intelligent Approach to Buying HR Software

I want to disrupt how many people choose business software, specifically applicant tracking systems. I want to show people how...
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recruiting in the social sphere

Recruiting in the Social Sphere

Initially, many people believed social media to be a fad, but it proved itself to be a fact over time....
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new rules for Facebook marketing

Webinar Recap: The New Rules of Facebook: Finding Job Candidates

Sourcing and recruiting via social media are gaining in popularity, and according to a 2017 survey conducted by CareerBuilder, it...
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building social advertising strategies for your recruiting firm

Strengthen Your Staffing Firm’s Brand with Social Advertising

The most well-known brands are powerful. Evocative. Instantly recognizable: Think “Coca-Cola,” and you’ll instantly crave a cold beverage. Think “Nike,” and you’ll...
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Five Ways to Reduce Risk with Your Background Screening Program

Over the past few years, litigation has tripled in employment background screening, due to increased regulations and scrutiny of the...
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SmartSearch announces integration with Neuvoo 2018

SmartSearch® Adds Job Search Engine Aggregator

OCEANSIDE, CA – July 16, 2018 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch® recruiting business software, announces the addition of...
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how to properly have an employee exit your organization

Exiting Employees: Gone Today, Here Tomorrow

In a 2016 article published on, Stay in Touch with Former Employees; One Could Be Your Next Hire the...
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Write a welcome letter for candidates.

Your Guide to Writing a Welcome Email to New Employees

Your welcome email Sending a welcome email to a new employee is customary and a great way to make them...
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build a better workplace culture starting with SmartSearch ATS

Doug Coull on the Benefits of Flexible Workplaces

I had the pleasure of speaking with Doug Coull, CEO of APS, Inc., makers of SmartSearch applicant tracking systems. Doug...
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how can you create better marketing content for your recruiters.

Tips for Better Staffing and Recruiting Content Marketing

It’s everywhere you look: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Company websites. YouTube. Email. Direct mail. It’s content marketing – and...
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California staffing professionals conference 2018

Musings From the 2018 California Staffing Professionals Conference

What we learned at the 2018 CSP Conference. We loved attending the 2018 California Staffing Professionals Conference (CSP), and we’re...
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SmartSearch named in the top 25 hr solution awards in 2018 by CIO

SmartSearch® Named as 2018 Top 25 HR Technology Provider

OCEANSIDE, CA – June 5, 2018 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch®, proudly announces its inclusion to the...
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GDPR Compliance for recruiting professionals

The GDPR adds a Twist to Staffing and Hiring

On May 25, 2018, a new privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect in the European...
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get better results from career fairs with SmartSearch

Recruiters – Profit from Your Career Fair Attendance

I work with organizations that want to Recruit, Onboard, and Retain Top Talent.  As a professional recruiter since 1981, I...
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What is Employee Experience and Why is It Trending in 2018?

To put it as simply as possible, employee experience is commonly defined as “the sum of everything that an employee...
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artificial intelligence for recruiters

Skynet Is Coming! How AI Will Shape The Future of Work.

Artificial intelligence is taking over the World, and having an impact on everything in business. Many thought leaders and pundits...
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a review of enhancements and updates to SmartSearch in 2018

SmartTalks Q2 2018 Presentation Recap

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, APS, Inc., Chief Technology Officer, LJ Morris held a presentation to discuss recent updates and...
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Applicant Tracking 101

Free Ice Cream Today

Free Ice Cream Today. That was the subject line of the first email I received when I joined SmartSearch on...
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SmartSearch helps recruiters turn their social audience into job candidates.

Convert Your Social Audience into Candidates – Get Them OFF Social Media!

Using social media to attract candidates to your staffing or recruiting firm? It’s a smart strategy. Blogging is a great...
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International Background Screening

It’s a Small World: Understanding International Background Screening

With modern technology linking us humans closer together, the world seems to be shrinking. This affects employers a variety of...
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properly measuring your recruitment strategy

How Small Business Recruitment Strategies Differ From Those of Big Businesses

How Small Business Recruitment Strategies Differ From Those of Big Businesses Does having a small business mean you can’t attract top...
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does your company need a drug testing program?

Does Your Company Need a Drug Testing Program?

There are myriad changes occurring with workplace policies. One of which is if, when, why and how companies conduct drug...
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want candidates to choose your recruiting firm.

Want Candidates to Love Your Job Postings?

I don’t need to tell you how tough it is to recruit qualified candidates these days. With unemployment near record...
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strategies to optimize your ATS

Optimizing Your ATS Software and U/E

Tactics to make your ATS U/E a great one. Wrapping your arms around expectations Appropriately managing expectations is a critical,...
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legal recruiter confessions

Confessions of a Legal Recruiter: Are You in a Career Coma?

Do you find yourself unresponsive to the world around you? Nothing seems to phase you, and you are numb to...
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remote work right or wrong.

Is Remote Work the Right Choice for You?

How do you know if working remotely is a good decision for your type of work, as well as work-style?...
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background screen policy.

Background Screening Policy Helps You Avoid Hiring Pitfalls

Background screening has become almost universally adopted, and according to the Society of Human Resources Managers (SHRM), more than nine...
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3 Tactics to Target Website Visitors and Your Candidate Database

For the staffing industry, best practices for marketing to employers and candidates evolve almost weekly. Within the past year, changes...
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mobile technology for recruiters

Let Mobile Freedom Ring

This is not a big secret. There are a gazillion reasons why using mobile devices are beneficial. There’s even more...
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SmartSearch announces updates to UX

SmartSearch® Announces Updates to Web Portals for Enhanced UX

OCEANSIDE, CA – February 7, 2018 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch® recruiting business software, announces UI...
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building a better brand reputation.

3 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Brand Reputation

Your online brand reputation can make or break your recruitment business. Here are a few tips to help you start...
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a review of enhancements and updates to SmartSearch in 2018

SmartTalks Q1 2018 Presentation Recap

On Thursday, January 25, 2018, APS, Inc., Chief Technology Officer, LJ Morris held a presentation to discuss recent updates and...
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the real cost and revenue for company culture.

Your ATS and Vendor Relationship: Part 2

Cost, true value, and company culture (Part two of a three-part series) How do You Determine True Value? Current and...
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Best time to post on Social Media

Do You Know the Best Times to Post on Social Media?

As a recruiter or a member of a staffing firm, you want to optimize the time you spend posting on social...
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SmartSearch integrates with Arya by Leoforce

SmartSearch Adds AI Provider Arya to Integrations

OCEANSIDE, CA – January 11, 2018 – SmartSearch, Inc., the makers of SmartSearch®, announces its highly anticipated vendor integration with Arya,...
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investing in enhancements for your ATS.

Investing in Your ATS Purchase

Investing in a new applicant tracking system This is a costly and time-consuming endeavor. It’s important to understand what is...
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Managing through disasters.

Disaster Recovery Planning… Reflections from the California Fires

What, when and why it’s worth every dime. Having been in various forms of executive management for over 22 years,...
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Understanding the power of Employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy

Why Does Culture and Advocacy Matter? There is a lot of research out there that supports the direct correlation between...
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human resources in a digital world

Human Resources in the Digital World

My son was recently applying online for a department store job. He took care in his selection and brought his...
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three analytic metrics recruiters need to know.

3 Analytic Metrics Recruiters Must Know

Analytical metrics are crucial for evaluating your hiring process. They help you evaluate what is working well for your company...
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Creating a flexible work environment.

Flexwork Enhances Your Workplace Culture

“Workplace flexibility is about improving business results by giving people control over their lifestyle choices and to determine when they...
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Legislation Around Candidate Salaries and Your Recruiting Strategy

Legislation Around Candidate Salaries and Your Recruiting Strategy

On July 2018, Massachusetts will become the first state to forbid employers from asking candidates about their salary history directly impacting the...
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SmartSearch Mobile Capabilities Keep You Ahead of the Curve.

Staying Ahead of the Curve in Mobile Recruiting

One of SmartSearch’s long history of industry “firsts” was the Mobile Access ability to tap into the database back in...
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SmartSearch Update Announcements 2017

SmartSearch® 2017 Updates Include Features for Mobile Recruiting & Onboarding

OCEANSIDE, CA – October 25, 2017 – Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc. (APS), the makers of SmartSearch® recruiting business software, announces updates to its...
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smart negotiations

Smart Negotiations

Great negotiations can open doors to potentially long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. When handled with care, negotiations can serve as long-lasting...
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managing your business during disasters

Manage Your Business During Disasters

Disasters can arrive without warning and can bring about effects that linger for a long time after the disaster period...
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building a competitive advantage

3 Ways to Use AI in Marketing for Recruiters In 2018 and Beyond

As technology continues to advance at an exponential rate, the world and how it operates changes, as well. Artificial Intelligence...
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