Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement is about establishing a set of principles that let your employer brand shine through. Through different marketing efforts you can create better engagement with active and passive candidates

Use this one question to increase redeployment rate
When recruiting temporary or contingent labor, you need to build strong relationships with candidates. In a landscape where talent is constantly on the move, building relationships is not just a strategy; it’s a necessity. Before the end of a successful assignment or placement, a recruiter needs to ask one important question. “What do you want...
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How to properly reject candidates as a recruiter
As a recruiter, the greatest day is finding an A-player candidate ready and motivated to take the next step in their career.  The worst day is when you have invested time and effort in preparing a candidate for an interview, only to have them come back and tell you they want the role. You feel...
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Early-Career Engagement practices for recruiters.
In the dynamic landscape of today’s workforce, organizations continually seek ways to engage and attract younger generations through early-career engagement strategies. Gen Z workers are different from previous generations when it comes to joining the workforce. The old methods of engaging employees don’t work well with them. Recruiters must use new methods and systems to...
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SmartSearch helps increase redeployment rates for recruiters
First things first, there are two definitions for “redeploy” when it comes to hiring candidates and employees. Within a recruiting or staffing firm, redeploy would refer to one candidate completing multiple assignments for multiple clients. Within a corporate or in-house instance, redeploy would refer to hiring an employee to another department when their position is...
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For the staffing industry, best practices for marketing to employers and candidates evolve almost weekly. Within the past year, changes in social media platforms and search engines have dramatically changed the ways you should connect with, engage and appeal to your target audiences to build your candidate database. Leveraging these changes, remarketing is rapidly gaining...
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