Sarah Stuczynski
How to properly reject candidates as a recruiter
As a recruiter, the greatest day is finding an A-player candidate ready and motivated to take the next step in their career.  The worst day is when you have invested time and effort in preparing a candidate for an interview, only to have them come back and tell you they want the role. You feel...
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Modern Staffing Tools by SmartSearch
Believe it or not, some staffing and recruitment agencies are still using an Excel document to keep track of their candidates, clients, hires, and billing. While Excel will always be a useful tool, there are much better platforms out there now for staffing companies. There are countless recruiting software services, such as Applicant Tracking Systems...
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SmartSearch helps increase redeployment rates for recruiters
First things first, there are two definitions for “redeploy” when it comes to hiring candidates and employees. Within a recruiting or staffing firm, redeploy would refer to one candidate completing multiple assignments for multiple clients. Within a corporate or in-house instance, redeploy would refer to hiring an employee to another department when their position is...
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Building credentialing into your recruitment automation
Building credentialing into your recruitment automation There are many professional roles that require certifications and credentials, so it is imperative that, as a recruiter, you can verify and keep track of these certifications. When recruiting for roles in the healthcare industry, manufacturing industry, insurance industry, and real estate industry, a candidate’s credentials play a crucial...
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outsource your recruiting and hiring process with Smart Software
Need to do some hiring? No matter the size or industry of your company, you could find value in outsourcing recruiting to help grow your organization. Depending on what you’re hiring for, you have options on what type of firm you use, from Executive Search, Recruiting, Staffing, RPO, etc. Why do companies choose to outsource...
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Better onboarding practices with SmartSearch helps retain top talent.
What do hiring managers want? There are countless answers, but we can all agree on a few: obtaining top talent, retaining top talent, and having their employees work hard. What all hiring managers want to figure out is how to do that; the simplest answer and first step is a great onboarding process (coupled with...
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